Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Shrewing around on Wordplay Wednesday™ May 20, 2015

Shrewing around on Wordplay Wednesday™ May 20, 2015

Flushed with anger, eyes blazing like a crazed banshee, I lashed out with all the venom my virulent mind could concoct.

Yes. I admit. I have been called a shrew …but I know a more sedate and softer word for my inner Katherina …

VIRAGOn. 1) quarrelsome, shrewish woman; 2) (archaic) strong, manlike woman; amazon

Vi-rah-go … doesn’t that sound better than the short and obdurate shrew? However, I discovered while researching that Webster’s Dictionary (College/print, 5th Edition) and Wikipedia have decidedly disparate first definitions of the word. See what I mean ...

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Make Magic on Wordplay Wednesday™ May 13, 2015

LATE Wordplay Wednesday – sorry ya-all. It’s one of those days when the Universe had its own schedule for me. But I have an earthy word for you that those in geology will likely know …

Many things – and people – are plain or even rough, on the outside; but if you’re patient, and lucky, you just might find one that holds a real, dazzling treasure on the inside.

Such is the life of a VUG (or vugh, vugg): n. cavity or hollow in a rock or lode, often lined with crystals.

A stunted, homely word with a dazzling, magical meaning, wouldn’t you agree? Some of you may be thinking, wait a sec, this sounds like a geode. Ah, the subtleties of nuance.
My understanding is the beauty of geodes is found in a more globular shape than the overall vugs. Both however, can hold the sparkling splendor of crystals. Enjoy.


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Wordplay Wednesday™ May 6, 2015 – with a Greek Twist

Do you take a ZARF with your coffee?

While it sounds like the bark of an overly excited dog, unless you hail from the Eastern Mediterranean you may not be clued in to the ZARF's true finger-saving definition.

ZARF: n. small metal holder, used in the Levant (Eastern Mediterranean region, i.e., Greece, Turkey) to hold a cup of hot coffee.

Steeped in ancient history, we’ve often seen ornate metal holders for coffee cups, in formal settings (for tea, as well); but it also applies to the cardboard cone that embraces Styrofoam cups at your local coffee shop.

Now you know what to call the once nameless “thingy” that saves your fingers from burning as you hurry to work with your favorite steaming beverage. So do you enjoy gourmet coffees? You'll LUV Briki Coffee House ...

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

WORDPLAY WEDNESDAY April 29, 2015 – Mistaken Identity

Welcome to … Wordplay Wednesday 

So many words … so little time! After last week’s Obi-Wan word, still thinking futuristic – if only we could zip around the ‘Net and beyond, at warp speed.

While this week’s word might take your mind to a future Jetsonesque dimension where transgalactic zipping is the norm, it actually belongs in a more native, traditional world. 

SULU: [Space buddy of Captain Kirk? Um, no.] – (Fijian, clothes) n. garment similar to a sarong worn by Melanesians, as in the Fiji Islands.

Speaking of Sulu and Captain Kirk conjures images of the upcoming “Star Duel.” You realize don’t you that both Star Trek and Star Wars are releasing movies soon? Have a preference? …

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wordplay Wednesday April 22, 2015 – May the Force be With You

Do you play Words with Friends®? Or still rally ‘round the ol’ Scrabble® board on Saturday night? (It isn’t just for the 39 and Holding Club folks!) How about crossword puzzles?

However you hone your wordsmithing skills, betcha don’t know the definition of half the numerous three- to five-letter words you play that confound and frustrate your opponents. Can’t you just hear their “What the hell is that word?!” bursting through the Internet at you? Here's another ...