Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Danger! 3rd Party Data Sharing Threatens Little Red Riding Hood!

We may share your personal information …
In the war over our privacy rights, many people fail to remember that companies are not blindfolded superficial entities. They can be hundreds, thousands, to tens of thousands people deep.

No, businesses do not simply handle your information in the manner prescribed through their verbose privacy policies. And people are the bane of privacy rights.

Nothing about our privacy is simple, and company policies are anything but user friendly. Intended to explain the companies’ responsibility of use and ultimately relieve them of misuse, privacy policies are akin to the danger of a wolf in sheep’s clothing – and we are Little Red Riding Hood.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

When Did We Become a “Snot” Society?

Although the title may mislead you, this is not an article lamenting the ever-growing gap between the haves and have-nots of our society … though that deserves a diatribe, as well.

No, take note, future and prolific writers, today we are examining two of my defining moments in proper grammar – or should I say lack of – in this so-called “modern” world.

When I was a kid – don’t you hate that intro? But seriously, as an elementary student of yesteryear, certain experiences forever changed my use of a couple of words / phrases. Namely: “warsh” and “it’s not.”

The first one is obvious … when speaking, Minnesotans and other Midwesterners often throw an “r” into perfectly-spelled words. Oh, they don’t write it that way, but that “Fargo-ish” colloquial speech insists they “warshed” their clothes or plan to go “warsh” their car.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Change is in the Air ...

Hello! Thank you for visiting PenchantForPenning.com. We have a new home which is always exciting. So let's celebrate!

But before we do, we'll have a learning curve and need time to settle in ... sigh ... please bear with me as I establish our fresh new site on a different system and hopefully make it better than ever!

The following information also pertains to:

     – BlastFromYourPast.net
     – 39AndHoldingClub.com
     – WomenWritersWorldwide.com

No, you are not in the wrong place. Yes, things, they are a-changin’. One thing that is constant, is change, right?

And EVERYTHING is ch-ch-ch-changing for me this year, including the moving and upgrading of my websites.

I am undertaking a monumental job – rebuilding ALL of my websites – at the same time. Call me crazy (and many do), but when my last webhost company’s servers crashed for five days, I had to take matters into my own non-techie hands. 

If you were looking for something specific, want to check my schedule for an appearance, or excited to chat about publishing your book - need an editing quote? - feel free to contact me via email or phone (in California), 858-292-5288.

Otherwise, look for this site to be rebuilt (new, fun, fresh!) asap. Have suggestions? Tell me! I hope you’ll return and enjoy our achievements in change.