Wednesday, June 11, 2014

When Did We Become a “Snot” Society?

Although the title may mislead you, this is not an article lamenting the ever-growing gap between the haves and have-nots of our society … though that deserves a diatribe, as well.

No, take note, future and prolific writers, today we are examining two of my defining moments in proper grammar – or should I say lack of – in this so-called “modern” world.

When I was a kid – don’t you hate that intro? But seriously, as an elementary student of yesteryear, certain experiences forever changed my use of a couple of words / phrases. Namely: “warsh” and “it’s not.”

The first one is obvious … when speaking, Minnesotans and other Midwesterners often throw an “r” into perfectly-spelled words. Oh, they don’t write it that way, but that “Fargo-ish” colloquial speech insists they “warshed” their clothes or plan to go “warsh” their car.