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Client Books Edited and PR Promotions by LinDee Rochelle
(Selected works.)

Editing should polish--not change--the author's voice.
~ LinDee Rochelle

Selected works from my clients over the years - fiction and non-fiction. Something for everyone, in order from newest to oldest  ~ enjoy!

Mafia Works #3 from spellbinding author, Les Cochran has arrived to finish off the Mafia! In Get Even, from The Thorn Birds of Detroit series, history takes center stage surrounded with dynamic characters. "It's the early '80s and heroin is king ..."

Get Even: Detroit Thorn Birds Defy Mafia
by Les Cochran, edited by LinDee Rochelle (2018; released 2019)
Les Cochran does it again, winding up this series with new characters and old, traversing the rocky terrain of 1980s drug-induced Detroit. His research for the history that glues the characters together, is impeccable. Dashing Detective Clark Philips and his team of police officers work with the FBI in a direct confrontation with the Mafia. Exciting and provocative, everyone gets their due in the end. Don't miss this one! On Amazon now. Watch for Cochran's first non-fiction, Thievery ~ Catholic Church Exposed!

Blind Pig: Detroit Thorn Birds Defy Mafia
by Les Cochran, edited by LinDee Rochelle (2017; released 2018)
Taking his characters to new heights, Les Cochran proves his authorship mettle in the continuing exploits of Detective Clark Philips, as he battles Detroit’s mafia. Set on the city’s violent stage of the late 1970s and early ‘80s, Cochran’s historic detail stemmed from local and federal law enforcement who were there. It empowered his colorful characters with rich, believable scenes. A true page-turner! On Amazon now.

Sax Club: Thorn Birds of Detroit Confront Mafia
by Les Cochran, edited by LinDee Rochelle (2016)
Released October 1, 2016, readers are already raving. “Sax Club is a surefire hit with lovers of both fiction and non-fiction.” Join the revolution as inner-city residents, fed up in their role of slaves to the mob bosses, fight an uphill battle against the Mafia. From local entrepreneurs to friends pushed beyond life’s limits, Detective Clark Phillips and his civilian buddies meet monthly at the Sax Club gentleman’s lounge and hatch a plan … on Amazon now.
Presidential Affair: Loves, Lies, and Liaisons
by Les Cochran, edited by LinDee Rochelle (2015)
   Presidential Affair follows sexy Steve Schilling from the university system to the White House in Les Cochran’s lusty, final episode of the Loves, Lies, and Liaisons trilogy. Again, success follows Steve along with the women, for a fitting tip-of-the-red-hat ending. eBook, print in hard and soft covers, at Amazon.

Costly Affair: Loves, Lies, and Liaisons
by Les Cochran, edited by LinDee Rochelle (2014)
   Costly Affair continues the sexy saga from Signature Affair, of successful but troubled university president, Steve Schilling. For Steve, every woman is the “only one,” as he travels down the road of sexual addiction. 
eBook, print in hard and soft covers, at Amazon.

My Brothers and Me: The World War II Years
by Pauline Hager, edited by LinDee Rochelle (2016)
Charming and poignant memoir of Pauline's pre-teen years during WWII and the turmoil of emotions during the Great Depression leading up to the war that made hers the Greatest Generation. When her three brothers entered the war she responded with pride, worry, nail-biting waiting, and ultimate relief. Vintage news clippings and her brothers' handwritten notes add so much to this wonderful book for Veterans, soldiers, WWII buffs, and every woman with soldier-siblings. eBook at
Armchair Travel Series
by Pauline Hager, edited by LinDee Rochelle (2013)
     In four fun, exciting and adventuresome eBooks, Pauline takes you around the world with her and husband, Randy, as they explore Russia, the Panama Canal, China, Japan, England and more! eBook editions.

Giorgi's Greek Tragedy
by Pauline Hager, edited by LinDee Rochelle (2010)
“The Ottoman Turkish Empire occupied Greece from 1453 to 1829." The story begins in 1790 when ... " begins Pauline’s tale of her ancestor’s land. She weaves a wonderful story rich in history, describing the murder of Giorgi's parents by agents of the sultan's elite Janissary Corps and how he deals with it. eBook and soft cover at

 Conscious Millionaire: Grow Your Business by Making a Difference
by J V Crum III, edited by LinDee Rochelle (2013)
*International Best Seller*       Who better to learn how to be a millionaire from, than a millionaire? "Whether you are an entrepreneur, business owner, manager, leader, or someone seeking to start your first business, this book is a guide for how to consciously grow your business," says J V. He has also established the Conscious Millionaire Foundation to create educational opportunities for youth who desire personal and career success. eBook, print in hard and soft covers, at Amazon.

The Ugly American Quagmire
A Modern Day Dialogue between Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson
by John F. Harnish, edited by LinDee Rochelle (2013)
    Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson like you will never see them in a school history book! Harnish (a proud bastard descendant of Franklin) definitely puts words in their mouths, ever-so-irreverently. Wit and wonder at the doings of our government and society, just so much more fun with Ben and Tom! eBook only at Amazon.

Blind Faith Expanded
by Yvonne Harper, edited by LinDee Rochelle (2013)
    Yvonne has gone and done it again! Blind Faith Expanded is her second book in the BF series; her first photo-laden book, Blind Faith, focused on special need dogs (2009). BFE adds courageous cats to more dynamic dog stories and another poignant and powerful peek into rescue shelter adoptions. Soft cover and eBook available at Amazon
               Blind Faith
by Yvonne Harper, edited by LinDee Rochelle (2009)
Yvonne’s first book about special need dogs. Poignant and uplifting.

Worthwhile Endeavors: Vietnam (1967-1968)
by Andre LeCault, edited by LinDee Rochelle (2012)
Nothing about the Vietnam War was glamorous or inviting. In this gritty and graphic autobiography LeCault doesn't sugar-coat for prime-time. He tells it like it was. His memoir may never be published for the public; I was honored to edit for him as an emotional accounting for the LeCault family. Thank you, Andre. 
Soft cover, not available to the public.

Champion Mindset - Refusing to Give Up Your Dreams
by Scott Gregory, PR and author consulting by LinDee Rochelle (2012)
     "Champion Mindset gives a unique insight into the life and mind of an Olympian. ..." Brian Boitano, 1988 Olympic Gold Medalist. Soft cover (2010) and eBook (2012) at
Zenobia: Birth of a Legend
by Russ Wallace, PR and author consulting by LinDee Rochelle (2011)
You won't realize you're learning while reading
Zenobia: Birth of a Legend. (News release.) Real-life ancient Syrian empress is brilliant, beautiful, and deadly. 
Soft cover, hard cover,; ebook, Amazon.

The Nose Saga: Cancer Stinks!!!

by John F. Harnish, edited by LinDee Rochelle (2010)
"Popping a pimple saved my life," declares John Harnish. Dedicated to all cancer survivors, John chronicles his discovery and journey, lamenting the loss of his original nose, with humor and sage wit. eBook and soft cover at

                                                                              My Book's Published -- Now What???
                                                                               The Owner's Manual for Your Book
                                                                          By John F. Harnish, with Jane M. Martin
                       Four contributed articles and light editing by LinDee Rochelle (2008)

The Gettysburg Conspiracy
by Will Hutchison, edited by LinDee Rochelle (2009)
"Ian Carlyle is back with his most explosive adventure yet. The fate of the Union lies in the hands of this Scottish nobleman ... they intend to kill President Lincoln. Engaging historical fiction. eBook and soft cover at Amazon.
Learn to Intern - CEO Style
by Antoine D. Moss, edited by LinDee Rochelle (2009)
Antoine's academic adventures took him to Capitol Hill, the FBI, and NASA. Now a motivational speaker, he shares 71 leadership principles that made him a successful intern. eBook and soft cover at Amazon.

Tell Your Clients Where to Go!

A Practical Guide to Providing Passionate Client Leadership
By Todd Sebastian
, VP Client Leadership, dunnhumby; edited by LinDee Rochelle (2008)
"Excellent. A practical, highly engaging guide to establishing a successful client partnership." ~ John E. Pepper, Chairman of the Board, The Walt Disney Company (Retired Chairman and CEO, The Procter & Gamble Company). Soft cover at Amazon.