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Diablerie ~ WordWayzzz™ 10/05/2022

White Magic Makeover

Well ya-all, I finally got this article posted but sometimes life is not simple or easy ... okay, most of the time it isn’t. But here we are! This month of course, we have a spooky Halloween-appropriate word.

I dare say, in view of the recent pandemic, and apparent Pandora’s box of ailments released from an invisible source, it would seem we are reckoning with powerful, dark forces.

The question is, do we accept that power over us, or do we thrust the cloak aside and walk tall through the invisible veil of Halloween month? Our devils may be different, but our fear of losing control is universal. So chomp down on a chocolate pumpkin while we summon the power within to vanquish ...   

DIABLERIE (dē-'ä-blɘ-(,)rē,-'a-blē-; 1751) n. – 1) : black magic : sorcery; 2) -a : a representation in words or pictures of black magic or dealings with the devil; -b : demon lore; 3) mischievous conduct or manner. [WW #322] 

Like all facets of life, there is a fine line between diablerie and wizardry—generally accepted as a definition of “white magic”—it’s a perfectly good word, but it too, can be misconstrued for dark magic, as in the tales of Harry Potter (not him, of course, but some of his classmates were downright diabolically diablerie!). Wizardry just doesn’t quite have the meaningful flair for its definition that
has for black magic.

Witchcraft doesn’t work, either, as so many witches can conjure up a cauldron full of mischief, and sorcery can be dastardly without even trying. Thesaurus sites suggest theurgy and other off-base definitions that are abjectly boring.

And, although Webster’s dictionary uses “black magic” in its definition of diablerie, none of those words above mention any connection to “white magic.” So ...

Since this is a website about words, let’s have some wordy fun! Put your thinking caps on and send me your best one-word vocabulary concoction that you can brew up for an all-encompassing meaning of “white magic.” (Will also post the contest on Twitter @PenchantForPen in the next couple of days.)

Rules for White Magic Makeover:

-       Make sure it isn’t already a word

-       Nothing vulgar or otherwise offensive to the general public

-       Provide a brief definition that describes its relation to “white magic”

-       One word per person / email address / Twitter account (your information will NOT be used [or sold/shared] for any purpose other than for me to contact you)

-       Deadline: October 31, 2022, at midnight (of course!)

-       Winner will be announced by November 20, 2022

For all those who submit a word by the witching hour on Halloween, you’ll receive a mention in next month’s “Thanksgiving” issue of Penchant for Penning’s WordWayzzz™ blog, and let all our Twitter friends know how creative you are! A list of entrants’ words will be posted on PFP. What will the winner receive?

Welllllll, I have already decided to submit it to Webster’s folks for consideration. Beyond that, I’ll have to let ya know ... I just came up with the idea while researching for this article, so need to give it some proper thought. But I promise it will be fun-on-a-budget. I don’t have much to work with, so simply enjoy the creativity, accomplishment, and “fame.”

We’ve all had our dealing with the devil in one form or other, in ourselves, or in another, but ... remember, for all the diablerie in the world, there is also the angel-light of white magic ...

OCTOBER’s Monthly Song of Note

Of course, “Witchy Woman” by the Eagles, was my #1 choice from Rocktober 1972, but that tune is beguiling the viewers over at the Blast from Your Past site. So, we’re going with “Thunder and Lightning” by Chi (pronounced “Shy”) Coltrane!
When we think of dark magic, it’s often with the image of lightning sparks flying and ominous thunder rolling ... so click the song link, close your eyes and hear the rumble ... I tell you it’s frightening | and you’re in control  ...
50 Years Ago this Month   

Word Challenge: DIABLERIE. Think of all the scenarios in your fiction and non-fiction writings where diablerie is the archetypal definition, as you fit it into a spooky month of all shapes and forms of magic writings and casual conversations.

Write first for yourself … only then can you write for others. (L.Rochelle) 

Cheers to learning a new word today! 


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