Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Obvugate ~ WordWayzzz™ August 2023

 Higher Ground is Worth the Writing    

If you would not be forgotten
as soon as you are dead and rotten
either write things worth reading
or do things worth the writing …

And … If all printers [writers] were determined not to print [write] anything ‘til they were sure it would offend nobody, there would be very little printed [written] … Benjamin Franklin  *

Speaking of worth the writing, I recently wrote in my journal that it’s time to free up some time so I can write something worth reading. Unfortunately, I had to think long and hard about the three blogs I currently own—this one, Blast from Your Past, and 39 & Holding Club—and determined at least one of them has to go … yep, you guess it … it will be this one.

Not quite yet, though. I still have some work to do here. However, with A.I. generated text AND word definitions, this article space is fast becoming officially “outdated.” With that in mind, Penchant for Penning’s WordWayzzz blog will soon go the way of antiquated words, and fade into the tapestry of life, with its December 2023 post.

Penchant for Penning will remain sporadically active and I may post notes from time-to-time, but the monthly Wordwayzz will dissipate. More importantly, Penchant for Penning is and will always, remain the “parent company” for Blast from Your Past as its book publisher, and the 39 and Holding Club.

To start its lengthy five-month sendoff, August’s article is appropriately looooonnngg, with a special wordy project. So take a break on a leisurely summer day, grab a libation, relax and read on …

Wordsmiths may know the dictionary inside-out, and adding culture-popular new words is necessary. But creating words specifically for innovative thought rarely happens. Let’s give it a try with …

OBVUGATE: (äb-vū-gāt; 2023; origin-L. Rochelle) n. – 1) portal of the mind that leads to astronomical change; 2) portal in science fiction or example in religious faith  [WW #332] 

 It isn’t just a window in a ship or a hole in layers of the universe. It’s a portal with a purpose! Whether you awaken to it, step through it, or dream of it, you’ll know it when you see it.

I conjured up an example for you: “Having read extensively about natural and supernatural phenomena, Peter immediately recognized the obvugate when he saw it and eagerly stepped through to his future.” This could be meant metaphorically, literally, or as the definition suggests, cerebrally.

So, why did I choose to create this word? You’ll need to ask my dream counselor. Well, I don’t really have one of those, it just sounds cool. However, I did “dream it up.”

One night several weeks back, I woke in the middle of the night with this word—and its specific spelling—twirling around in my little pea brain. I vaguely remembered its appearance in a dream a month or so before.

This dream was more specific, if quite boring. It simply kept repeating, spelling obvugate over and over—ob-vu-gate—o-b-v-u-g-a-t-e—determined to be evident when I truly awoke, unlike many dream details that fade with the dawn.

However, the dream didn’t give me an inkling to what obvugate means. I figured it was already a word, simply one I’d

heard or read somewhere that I need to look up for reference, who knows why … I dutifully wrote it down on waking and went about my day. I thought no more of it until the next morning when I remembered to check the dictionary. Nope, nothing like it. Obvugate is completely made up—you won’t find it there—yet.

I couldn’t get obvugate out of my mind. I began thumbing through the dictionary to dissect ob-vu-gate. The OB prefix is inverse or contrary to its subject. Okay. Since there is no VU reference, I added the G to get an actual word, VUG, which is an unfilled cavity in rock. I could have taken ATE separately, but I thought it made more sense to use the G again, for GATE. We all know that one—an opening in a wall or fence (basically). Now, I had a basis for my own definition.   

But what did it mean? Again, my dream didn’t stipulate, however, with more research and in weighing my options, I related back to my dream for the “feeling” surrounding the word. I added another defining element: portal.

“VUG” being the central subject and trading heavily on “GATE”(way), I likened obvugate to a large, filled portal—when you go through an opening, you find something on the other side, right? Well, my “other side” seemed to be ethereal … the opening leads to … well, wouldn’t that be subjective?

I weighed the different types of portals I’ve experienced, added the “feeling” from my dream, and decided that when we step through an obvugate, it will take us to … whatever we want! … but know that astronomical, life-changing transformation is its purpose. Which brings us to …

AUGUST’s Song of Note  
I knew it wouldn’t be simple to match a vintage tune with a made-up word. On rare occasions we emulate our Big Bro site Blast from Your Past’s Song of Note—this month provided an opportunity I couldn’t miss. In my interpretation of obvugate, this is the perfect example …

Stevie Wonder’sHigher Ground” moved quickly up the charts. By June 29, 1973, it had worked its way up to #16 for WFIL/Philadelphia listeners. It could be the song’s rise came from Stevie’s fans who rallied ‘round earlier in the month, as he lay in a hospital bed recovering from an August 6th auto accident. The near-fatal event left him in a 4-day coma.

The fast-paced, upbeat tune is about reincarnation and life-altering changes through faith. I'm so darn glad he let me try it again | Cause my last time on earth I lived a whole world of sin  He wrote “Higher Ground” in an impossibly short, three-hour creative spell, three months before his accident.       

The New York Times quoted him after recovering from the accident, “I would like to believe in reincarnation. I would like to believe that there is another life. I think that sometimes your consciousness can happen on this earth a second time around.” For Stevie, it was a sign. For me, his experience defines an obvugate. Rock On   ... 50 Years Ago this Month 

Word Challenge: OBVUGATE. This month’s challenge is not only to be clever in finding ways to use a “new” word, but try creating your own—it’s fun! We need inspirational diversions and mental exercise—this is the perfect project. Teachers—wake up your summer school students and get them in on the fun. Create thinkers and doers … that’s how we produce extraordinary people. And of course, add obvugate to your vocabulary, as you fit it into your creative month of fiction and nonfiction writings, and casual conversations.

Write first for yourself … only then can you write for others. (L.Rochelle)  

Cheers to learning or creating a new word today!


* In the Ben Franklin quote above, the bracketed text is obviously my addition. But as it’s said about undisputed truths (though also too often, subjective and misguided rhetoric), truer words were never spoken.

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