Wanna Talk?

At Penchant for Penning I am serious about my writing and editing ... and very little else.  

Enjoying my life's passion, I write books, magazine articles, guest blogs, and various ramblings. Editing projects are less frequent, by design, but contact me with your queries - I'm always happy to look at an interesting project. 

Author consulting? Absolutely. Want to know how you can boost your business with a book, or why you should write your life story? No charge for the first call and we can discuss an hour-long or more consultation.

Need a speaker for your writing conference, writers group, business event, or podcast? Give me a jingle!

Not sure what an editor can do for you? Check out this brief run-down of why you need an editor for your book, and general editing styles.

So feel free to contact me for any number of reasons:
LinDee Rochelle
LinDee @ PenchantForPenning.com (remove spaces)
858-292-5288 (CA/PT)
Southern California | USA

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