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Aliteracy – Wordplay Wednesday™ 02/02/2022

What’s Black & White & “Read” All Over? 

Once upon a time, believe it or not, many people didn't quite grasp that verbal joke referring to a newspaper. It was long ago, before digital life, when newspapers were still only in newsprint. Perhaps their dumbfounded look could be due to  ...

ALITERACY (,ā-li-tɘr-ɘ-,sē; 1984) n. – the quality or state of being able to read but uninterested in doing so; adj. or n.: aliterate. [WW-M #314] 

I know a family member who doesn’t “love” to read, but he does, in order to pursue his passion of video game development. Like him, reading may not be your entertainment of choice; but consider it a necessary evil (if you must), and if you use it regularly to further your cause, aliteracy may no longer define you.

Although I advocate for recreational reading, I get that it isn’t for everyone. However, is your aliteracy because you consider it a waste of time, or because you haven’t found a genre you enjoy? Ah. you don’t have time ... sorry, I don’t buy that one. An aliterate person has all kinds of reasons for why they don’t read. None of which are truly viable. But of course, that’s in the opinion of this avid reader.

The great thing about our digital age is it gives us options. For readers, while most everything can be found online, sometimes the research for great reading is laborious and frustrating, especially if you’re seeking verifiable information in nonfiction.

Or for fiction, I’ve often found a book description that doesn’t fit the storyline (I find that often), or worse, the meat of the story is told, which quashes your desire to read it. At a physical library, however, there are still in-person librarians who will assist in your quests and are free to offer suggestions, based on your interests.

Give it a try during February’s Library Lovers Month! I couldn’t find an official link for the celebration, but I venture to say, nearly every city, large or small, has a library. Although hours may be limited as a covid precaution, most are open at least part time. Everyone is welcome to peruse their shelves; even those who lean toward aliteracy. And university libraries are possible alternatives. 

February’s Monthly Song of Note :  If music is your thing, rather than reading, you might enjoy this tuneful tidbit. Is there anything sweeter in February than teen love? Donny Osmond sung his heart out in the hearts and flowers month of 1972. He tried desperately to tell the world ... How can I, oh how can I tell them | This is not a puppy love ...
Wonder how he feels about that now?
😊 Bringing back tuneful memories of the song that climbed to #5 on WAPE/Jacksonville, Florida, “Hit List” 50 Years Ago this Month!

Enjoy the song, but remember, a songwriter cannot write their best if they don’t want to ... like any art, more than knowledge or training, it’s driven by passion ... a reminder to aliterates ... your passion doesn’t need to be reading, but in all art, it is a cornerstone.

Word Challenge: ALITERACY. Let this word not define you, as you fit aliteracy into your knowledgeable month of literary writings and casual conversations.

Write first for yourself … only then can you write for others. (L.Rochelle) 

Cheers to learning a new word today!   

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