Monday, September 22, 2014

There is a Season ... turn, turn, turn ...

Mmmmm, I can almost smell the pumpkin drifting on a light summer breeze. 

Oh ... wait ... of course I can – they're already moldering at the store!

Yes, once again, commercialism jumps the gun – or rather points it at us and says, “Buy! Buy now! Before it’s too late!” Sigh. (And I mean "points it at us" in the most benign way – that I even need to explain it provokes another heavy sigh.)

So the stores roll the pumpkins into the aisles halfway through summer, when absolutely NO ONE wants to think about Halloween or Thanksgiving.

Some retailers barely acknowledge those two esteemed holidays, throwing us directly into Santa’s path for Christmas. Agh!!

Well, now, we finally hit the “Sacred first day of Consumerism” – the Fall Equinox. I say, let’s stop to smell the sweet, sticky scent of pumpkin pies and enjoy the short season of Fall, before fall-ing prey to visions of candy canes dancing in our heads.

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