Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Wordplay Wednesday™ March 29, 2017 – Ordure

Short But Not So Sweet! 

At times you may encounter someone in conversation, online or off, who is obviously out of touch with reality. We used to say they had their head in the sand.

These days, people are not so decorous in their private or public assessment of another. You know that little emoji that is SO popular on your phone?

For the most part, especially in social media, that cutesy little pile of crap is the least offensive image someone can use to express their opinion of another.

While we have the right to free speech, there are those who fill their days and waste time with nothing but negatives and gross expletives attempting to belittle someone or an opinion. This only serves to exhibit a crude lack of civility, narrow minds, and small vocabulary.

A progressive mind may still be frustrated with oh-so-many-wrongs we experience on a daily basis, so today’s lesson provides the means to tell someone they’re full of crap without being as crass.
ORDURE (ôrʹjɘr, -dyoor) n. – dung; excrement. [WW #105]

Speaking as one who has experienced her share of ordure, and some would say, spread my fair share, I am thrilled to learn another word that expresses irregularities with aplomb, pinkie finger in the air.

Word Challenge: ORDURE. As you go about your day, running into mountainous piles of ordure, before you consider whether to fling it, spread it, or ignore it, remember that it also serves many beneficial purposes. Take your head out of the sand and smile, as you fit ordure into your week of eclectic writings.

Write first for yourself … only then can you write for others. (L.Rochelle)


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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wordplay Wednesday™ March 22, 2017 – Nepotism

Family Matters … 

NEPOTISM (nepʹɘ tizʹɘm), do you know it derives from the French for nephew? Over the centuries, népotisme eventually scaled to include, n. – favoritism shown to relatives, esp. in appointment to desirable positions. [WW #104]

Meet Huey, Dewey & Louie Duck!
Pretty self-explanatory. And for my purpose, a thin ruse to offer some blatant nepotism … simply known as shameless self-promotion.

Today, I’d like to bring your attention to Penchant for Penning’s brother and sister sites, and, respectively. I promise this won’t take long …

We’ve had excitement in the PFP camp as we launched another book this week, in the Blast from Your Past! series. Book 2 – Rock & Roll Radio DJs: The Swinging Sixties is finally published. In eBook format initially, it will publish in print format in April.

Pure nostalgia, The Swinging Sixties will alternately tug at your heartstrings, tickle your funny bone, and ultimately get your toes tapping to the music that defined Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll.

More importantly, it peeks behind the mic of the men and women who brought you the best and the worst music of the decade. Available in eBook format; print edition to follow in April.

Book 1 – Rock & Roll Radio DJs: The First Five Years 1954-1959 on Amazon in eBook and print formats; and signed print copies on the BFYP site.

Have some fun sauntering down Memory Lane! Buy the eBook edition and offer your review (hopefully 5-star) and nostalgic notes on Amazon, or send your comments directly to me. Selected remarks will appear in the print book! 

And at 39 and Holding Club today, we’re celebrating (which we do often) “As Young as You Feel Day”! 39AHC adopted this day as its signature holiday, so everyone “of a certain age” can ignore the young’uns and simply celebrate the wit and wisdom of being young at heart. Join us! Make your next birthday an UN-birthday with a 39 and Holding Club membership card!

Word Challenge: NEPOTISM. I’ve just hit you with a nepo-bomb … kinda like photo-bombing via blog. Think about that as you fit nepotism into your week of related writings.

Write first for yourself … only then can you write for others. (L.Rochelle)


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