Sunday, August 31, 2014

New PFP Feature: PenQuips!

Let me introduce you to Penchant for Penning's fun new "PenQuips"!

Definition: A PenQuip is 1) a picture and heading combination appropriate to the theme of a brief text anomaly quoted from the Internet; or,
2) a picture and heading combination with your own amazing, brief text of wit, opinion, fact, or (gasp!) wisdom.

PenQuips are my eccentric way of exploiting dumb public comments that illustrate society’s current lack of intelligent thought. Sigh … we have not progressed much past the Dark Ages. Yes, I fear we are headed in the same direction as that of the Roman Empire.

While we could expound at length about the whys and wherefores of modern society’s decline, let’s face it. Humanity has never been particularly peaceful and in my humble opinion, wars are just plain dumb.

Bottom line, we are ruled by Greed, Money, Power, Sex, and Violence. Not always in that order. And each category has its own set of dumb. So we have an infinity of fodder to fossilize in PenQuips.

How I began PenQuips: The Dumbing-Down of America ...
Perusing the online news sites never lets us down when it comes to funny fodder and profound frustration. 

As I prepared another social media post to vent about yet another inept quote from the leader of our nation, I wanted to do something that would attract more attention to it, and offer a chuckle for your day. 

Thoughts of image posts hovered in my head ... with difficulty, a noodling notion struggled through the hazy maze of my mind ... and there you have it. PenQuips.

Of course, "the dumbing-down of America" is a sardonic, yet prophetic phrase. It can be applied to every industry, and pervasively in our general lack of respect for each other. Its use for decades indicates we’re still decaying. 

You would think that having evolved since ancient times, there would be progressive improvement in our society's collective mind to accompany our many innovations. Huh. I'm not seeing it. In fact, since my teen years (oh, so long ago), it seems we're becoming stupider by the minute.

We still have race riots. Did we learn nothing from Watts? How does destroying and looting innocent store owners’ businesses make a statement – other than to illustrate how stupid you are, taking out your frustration on your own townspeople.

We’re banning plastic bags – what about all the other plastics? And … how will this affect our economics? Better yet – why didn’t those who invented plastics think ahead? (BTW, we were lied to in the 1960s when plastic grocery bags became ubiquitous – lured into false complacency by promises of biodegradable properties.)

We have more people … more laws … more lawlessness. Ya know, pardner, we are no better now than back in the ol’ Cowboy days, when everyone carried a gun. And now we have terrorists. Great.

So, that’s my diatribe to help explain the creation of PenQuips

Exploiting POV as a writer, the dumbing-down of America PenQuip is related foremost to language and the culture of communication. Hope you enjoy the first PenQuip – we can certainly tell when a politician is ad-libbing! Unfortunately, the rest of that article's text wasn't much more intelligent.

Oh, there will be more. They're organized on the PenQuips page. Do come again!

And feel free to create your own – send a link for your PenQuip and I'll happily share it with my network (with approval, and providing it is in good taste).

Cheers to your day!