Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Anyone can write a book ~ What are you waiting for?

Memories and attitude make us uniquely human.
Writing them down is what sets us apart as individuals. ~ LinDee Rochelle

Were you teased as a youngster for writing in your “diary” or keeping a “journal”? Did your little brother break the lock and read it? (Like mine did.) Did you dig out your old ones recently, and think, wow, I had some great ideas … maybe I can update them …?

Writing is often one of those “love / hate” human practices. I truly believe it’s an innate trait in order to love it. While you may be in the class that fairly abhors it, you can make it work to your advantage – and you might find you can tolerate the process to express yourself, if not outright learn to enjoy it.

Those who kept the once-ubiquitous diary or journal have a head start, for sure. But what did we write? Memories and attitudes. 

It was interesting research, reading the various “expert” opinions about any differences between a diary and a journal. 

“When I was a kid” (I know young’uns hate that preface), the perceived (pre-teen) notion of a diary was something giggly girls kept about their inane daily experiences, in gushy, blushing prose. A journal was a scientist’s or other professional’s experimental log or recording of a journey (think Captain Kirk’s Star Trek logs); and young guys simply didn’t write. (You realize, I hope, this is tongue-in-cheek, with a chuckle. But I'm serious about your book.)

In our ancient beginnings, any public writings were generally by men because they were the scholars and predominant ruling gender – thus the journal endured for males of future generations. Diaries became popular for women, because their activities were not considered as important … that errant thought persisted through the 1960s. And then …
Hogwash. Some women were finally recognized as “serious” writers and some men could display their inane thoughts with the best of us. In other words – equality was the word of the day. Diary is in essence, nearing obsolete, and journal is now considered the catch-all preferred word for both sexes.

Boy, did I digress on that one … okay, back to my original thoughts … memories and attitudes … and you CAN, you SHOULD write a book.

It is my belief that as humans, we rose above other species because we are able to communicate on a higher level. Yes, animals have attitude – think cat – and there are the infamous elephants that never forget. Their memories are legendary. But it is the inscribing of our memories and personal attitudes – the ability to put thoughts into a solid form – that truly sets us apart.

Today, in the nothing-is-private online world, diary and journal have merged into a digital version – yes, the blog. It too, was originally planned as daily observances, experiences, and opinions only of the writer. But it has evolved into … the Op-Ed … and somewhat journalistic, unpaid article writing. (Though revenues are possible, unrelated to the actual writing.)

Remember the printed newspaper? I know, barely, huh? In the back, along with “Letters to the Editor,” were the “Opinion Editorials.”

Journalists with a message, and relatively intelligent, literate readers, were given the spotlight to share their outlook on world affairs, politics, or community happenings. We now call them blogs.

Regardless of what we call it, when writing we are expressing our attitudes (perspectives) and memories (experiences). When we write a book, we’re expanding them and adding facts, information, and … more attitude.

Anyone can write a book. YOU can write a book.  

Perhaps you're saying, sure, I know I can write a book - but why should I?

It's true, most of us don't lead an exciting or celebrity-style life that usually deems a worthy read by the masses. Still, you may not have shared interesting experiences from childhood for instance, with your current family; and a lifetime legacy (if for no other reason than to share health facts) in a book of memoirs is a great way for your descendants to "know" you.

But if you're an entrepreneur and have not yet written a bookI must askwhat are you waiting for? A book that details your expertise and shares your knowledge and plans for helping to make the world a better place, is a must in today's conscious business markets. 

If you are hesitant to write because you think there are already too many (bad) books on the shelves – don’t withdraw – hone your writing skills (or hire an editor). Make it shelf-worthy. And worth the read.

It is your thoughts, how you express them, with YOUR personal, unique attitude (viewpoint) and memories (experiences to draw on) that makes the story, non-fiction strategy, or poetry, sing with effectiveness. Write your book for a broad audience, or simply to leave as a legacy for your loved ones. 

Whether thinking about a book for yourself, your family, as a novel or a business book ...  

Say it with me … I think I can … I think I can … I can WRITE a BOOK!

Write first for yourself … only then can you write for others.

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