Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wave to Wordy Wednesday March 25, 2015

Despite recent snows in some parts of the country, it’s time we pass through the stern Ides of March and march into springy April.

Let the tips of green leaves and hint of glowing sun rays urge you to greet your neighbor with PFP’s Wordy Wednesday spring offering!

HEIGH: (interj.) [Archaic] used to attract notice, show pleasure, express surprise, etc. … think “heigh-ho” neighbor!

Get together with your neighbors and hoe down those weeds on Weed Appreciation Day, March 28th. (Not to be confused with the “highly” popular weed day rite of springtime, April 20th. Heehee.)

And the Wordy Wednesday list grows like a weed …

'Til next time ... have a "wordful" week!

AaBaCcDdEeFfGgeeeee ... wish I had a Guinness! 

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