Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Wordplay Wednesday™ June 3, 2015 – Irish 2-fer for Belfast Book Fest

It’s a 2-fer Wordplay Wednesday!

Since my primary online screen name, from the beginning of computer time, has been Irishwriter, I couldn’t help but celebrate next week’s Belfast Book Festival.

No, I have not had the good fortune to travel to the land of my ancestors … someday will come … if only in my dreams. But that has not stopped me from a healthy interest in Ireland and its many attributes, including its wonderful, lilting language and some of the best writers in the world.

This week’s Wordplay Wednesday celebrates Ireland’s contributions to our language with a 2-fer! A trip to Ireland for a 1) writing event, would of course, include 2) a wee bit o’ the Irish Whiskey …

1) poteen (Ireland; from póitín) – n. illicitly distilled whiskey [let’s call it what it is … hooch, bootleg] AND, where would you drink poteen? Why, here of course …

2) shebeen (from síbín "a mugful") – n. establishment where liquor is sold without a license [Ireland, Scotland, South Africa]

Ireland's oldest pub dates back to 1198
So perhaps next year, on my way to the Belfast Book Festival, I’ll be fortunate enough to blend in with other burnished auburn (thank you, L’Oreal) lads and lasses, and tip a glass. Um, maybe I’d better go after the writing fun.

But if you’re there now, or want to hop on a plane, the festival is June 8 – 14, 2015, and “features both international stars and homegrown local talent across a wide range of topics.” 

What more could a writer want? Oh … other Irish writing festivals? Your wish is my command …

If wars were fought with words Ireland would be ruling the world … 
Whiskey was invented so the Irish wouldn't rule the world. ~ A Bit O’Blarney 


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