Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wordplay Wednesday™ July 29, 2015 – BLET Yuck

Got the summer Blets? 

Do you feel a little overripe on a sweltering, muggy, summer afternoon? Kind of blet? So does your wilting watermelon

BLETn. decay in overripe fruit.* [Gross.]

Short and not-so-sweet definition for this Wordplay Wednesday. It even sounds yucky.

Since I’m about to decay in my upstairs office with the temperature firmly planted in the triple digits … I suggest we head down, get the watermelon on ice and move on out to the pool last one in is a rotten egg! Blettttt

* Admittedly, I took a little liberty with this Wordplay word, for the sake of colorful writing – and to take my mind off the heat. However, it’s still a yucky process … you can read about it here.

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