Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Wordplay Wednesday™ August 26, 2015 – Hiemal cool

Right about now, I’ll bet you could go for a cool winter day with a hint of rain or light, snowy dustup.

Stunning snowflake
Winter will certainly be here before you know it, along with all the holidays. Ugh and yea at the same time, and if the El Niño predictions are right, more “weather” than we might desire.

But today, as you brush the stream of sweat from your brow, you’ll just have daydream of a frosty, hiemal day …

HIEMAL (hīʹi mɘl):adj. of winter; wintry. [Is your honey in a hiemal mood? Give her / him a warm hug.]

So, Wordsmiths … a question … hiemal is not listed as an archaic word, yet it is rarely seen in common language. Considering this, why in heaven’s name do we have so many words that mean the same thing? Why didn’t we stop at “winter” and “wintry” and leave it at that? (Or whichever came first.) If you’re waiting for an answer …
… you’re gonna keep waiting. In addition to winter | wintry | hiemal … enters the word, “brumal.” Yep again – it means the same thing! (Although this one is labeled “archaic.”)
Who texted me?!

Oh, let’s not forget, we have “hibernus” a form of hibernate, which also translates to hiemal ... where does the madness end?

This begs a question about the thesaurus. Why do we need it? Why are there so many words all meaning the same thing?

We live in a convoluted world; couldn’t we at least have a simple language? Sigh. Trust me, that’s the least of my
... whine with a lot of wine!
worries today, but the safest thing I can bitch about. And, I’ve always said, “Life’s no fun unless you can bitch.”

Light whining is fine – especially with wine. Heehee. (Still too early though; sipping the last vestiges of my butterscotch toffee coffee. Mmmmm.)

BTW, the Wolf’s classic hits station on my vintage radio is a great mood lifter. Highly recommended if you like good ol’ Rock & Roll.

Why is it relevant? The lyrics are a nostalgic reminder that without all the different words to sing about love, and heartbreak, and ways of the world, our lives would be pretty boring.

Hope your week is full of smiles and the simple life … and learning new words. Me? I’m going to seclude myself in a hiemal attitude until the java (another word for coffee ) thaws my mood.


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