Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Wordplay Wednesday™ December 9, 2015 – Holiday Wodge

Holiday fudge? Yum! Ummmm …

Feeling a bit bulky this Holiday season? Ah … yeah … the fun fudge, extra Christmas cocktails, and full-on four-, eight-, ten-course meals are already beginning to bulge.

You mean, you feel a wodge around your middle?
WODGE (wăj) – n. (Brit. informal) a chunk or lump of something [an object having a lumpy bulgy shape – like, I’m feeling kinda wodgey today].

The Brits are fun to follow for vocabulary. It’s so much more interesting and somehow less filling to say you’re a bit wodgey today, rather than fat or full, ya know? While we’re munching ... 

We still need to “be good,” as Santa counts our goodness (along with the cookies we leave him) right up to the last second. We don’t want wodgey coal in our stockings!
(Oh! well, it might not be coal … ewwww … now I know why Prancer was prancing on the rooftop! Bad reindeer!)

And while you’re baking Christmas cookies (stop eating the raw dough!), or grabbing another from the office buffet table (along with a third glass of champagne), don’t worry about the calories – at least not yet – that’s what the January sales on exercise equipment and gym memberships are for!

Here’s hoping your Season is full of family, friends, and connections that give you peace and inspire warmth.
That means for yourself, as well – treat yourself with love and care. Hearkening back to the good ol’ Sixties, “If it feels good, do it!” (Within reason, of course.)
Christmas and Holiday cheers to one and all!


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