Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Wordplay Wednesday™ February 17, 2016 – Algid

Brrrrrr, from one end of the country to the other, our weather temperatures have behaved like a young’un with his first yo-yo.

A few weeks back, even California barely passed the 40-degree mark, yet last week, I enjoyed several balmy, 80+ days under blue skies.

My East Coast friends though, wouldn’t talk weather with me as they stocked up on wood and oil, and hunkered down to watch the snowflakes pile up to their window sills.

Playing yo-yo with our weather, Mother Nature can’t seem to make up her mind (well, she is a woman and entitled to change her mind, of course). Up or down, it never stays in walk-the-dog mode long enough to get used to it.

One day it’s pseudo-summer, the next, it’s an algid 5d. and we’re slip-sliding through the snow. So, what do you think Zoe the cat is thinking on her first venture in the snow?

ALGID (alʹjid) adj. – cold, chilly. [Freakin' freezing!]

Various “experts” in all related sciences – or none – can snap your frozen ear off, debating one side or other of many and sundry global warming issues. But there are three irrefutable facts ...

I and many I’ve talked with simply understand without question, three things about weather:
1) we humans have absolutely negatively impacted everything about our poor Mother Earth, including weather patterns, by our negligent presence;
2) there are factions who have ways of “manipulating” weather (that is not just a “conspiracy theory”); and 3) we must endure it because our greedy world governments cannot (and will not) work together to create a minimum ecological footprint.

As individuals, we can “do our part” to live with the environment’s good in mind. However, it would take big business and our inept government to abate our current nosedive toward environmental apocalypse for anything to truly change. I don’t see that happening …

What we must obviously do for our personal nucleus of family and friends, is follow the Scouts’ motto, “be prepared.” It never hurts to keep weather-related necessities on hand* for every occasion: a healthy stash of water, non-perishable foods, extra blankets, and a battery operated radio (or even hand-crank style) … you never know. (*CDC is excellent source of info.)

Life is an adventure – and some days require more prep than others. So stay warm – or cool – wherever you are, and cheers to your day!


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