Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Wordplay Wednesday™ June 1, 2016 – Liminal

Between a Rock and a Hard Spot

This Wordplay Wednesday entry is long overdue. Yesterday I stumbled on a years-old notation of it while vegetating on the threshold of my day …

LIMINAL (limʹi nɘl, līʹmi-) adj. – of or at the limen, or threshold; at a boundary or transitional point between two conditions, stages in a process, ways of life, etc [n. liminality; WW #62]

 Had I actually paid attention to, and/or continued my studies of psychology in college, I likely would have known instantly, what Chuck Lorre referred to in his Vanity Card rant #410. “… we have no choice but to pull together as a nation and make do with the liminal.” Admittedly, I had to look it up. Thanks Chuck!

If you watch the Big Bang Theory, surely you pause the ending credits (a liminal moment before your mind returns to its usual evening numbness) to read Chuck’s rambling rants and raves. If you don’t, or worse, are unaware they’re there because you have an itchy finger on the remote control, you’re missing a grand opportunity to expand – or alternately, explode – your mind. Chuck isn’t just another pretty face writing in TVLand.

A longtime fan of his work, I first encountered Chuck’s quirky vanity cards following the insanely inane but fun antics of Dharma& Greg (1997). I derive as much pleasure from his ramblings as I do his creative characters. Obviously, there is a little of his zaniness in each of them.  

A vanity note to Mr. Lorre:

Has anyone told you recently, you’re not allowed to retire? Ever? And that Stephen Hawking should gather his neuroscientist friends to devise a way to preserve and access your brain (his too, of course) when your body finally dissolves? (I was going to say “decays” but that was too gross.) Your special brand of humor | angst | frustration | vision is greatly appreciated. Of course, many of us not only agree with you but could write vanity cards as well – we just can’t get away with it in Social Media like you can. The average person is vilified as “politically incorrect” for reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. You, however, like Donald Trump, can say anything and you just become more popular. Don’t stop. In fact … run for President … PLEASE??!!

Word of the Week: LIMINAL. Can you fit it into your own vanity card writings?


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