Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Wordplay Wednesday™ April 19, 2017 – Brio

Feeling Spunky? 
OK, we know it’s Hump Day—everyone gets the blahs in their week about now. Time to liven things up a bit! Put some …

BRIO (brēʹō; Italian) n. – animation; vivacity; zest. [WW #108]

… in your day! Pop a pop open and enjoy the fizzy bubbles!

While researching this seemingly unassuming word, I found more definitions than the brio words of action, above.

Wiki’s disambiguation page enlightened us with Brio in a list of musical terminology, calling it “brio or brioso [meaning] Vigour; usually in con brio: with spirit or vigour.” Play on maestro!  

For us unenlightened Americans (moi!), Brio is also related to Chinotto, a bittersweet Italian soft drink rising to fame in the 1950s. A sweeter Brio brand is popularly peddled in Canada, and especially fizzy in the Italian Stallion cocktail.

Those seeking to infuse brio into their dullish products include a typeface font: Brio MN. The flowing, cursive letters don’t inspire animation for me … but I’m difficult to please. A similar, more standard font is the Bradley Hand ITC: Ex ea commodo consequat.

BTW, according to Google Translate, the Latin “Ex ea commodo consequat” equates to English as “Advantage from it.” Again, rather passive for such a zesty word.

If you think Brio would be a great name for a zippy compact car, you’re right. But you can’t have the cute little Honda Brio hatchback unless you live in India, Thailand, South Africa, Indonesia or the Philippines.

My favorite definition of the bouncy brio is a rather different Wiki notation: “Brio is another word for 'life force'.”
That makes brio a comprehensive word for that indefinable, invisible, esoteric energy that fills our souls with effervescent life.

Viva la Brio!

Word Challenge: BRIO. Consider what or who instills brio in your life every day, week, month, year, decade, as you fit brio into your week of perky writings.

Write first for yourself … only then can you write for others. (L.Rochelle)


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