Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Donnée – Wordplay Wednesday™ 09/20/17

Two to Tango … One to ROCK! 

Inspiration. Intuition. Instinct. Insight. Awaken your writing ideas with a song and a dancing …

DONNÉE (dô nāʹ) n. – [French] an incident, idea, etc. that serves as an author’s starting point or inspiration for a novel, play, etc. [WW #130] 

OMG! I have those ALL the time … unfortunately, so does someone else – first – or it isn’t necessarily a great thought … sigh.

Why stick to novels or plays? Certainly, starting points for any endeavor would qualify as a donnée; and don’t think you’re limited to just one

My “book ideas” folder is FULL of one-line données, and even a few that have a mini-outline. Some are novels, others non-fiction and all, interesting subjects; none inspiring me to dance with them.  

An Aha! moment, however, came as I chatted on the phone with radio DJ friend, Bill Gardner, about a Rock & Roll memorabilia article I was writing. Voilà! With a jitterbug sidestep, the Blast from Your Past book series donnée popped into my head.  

As much as I love working on the BFYP series, it’s obvious I won’t become a millionaire from its modest proceeds. More of a legacy than a money-maker, its writings inspire my heart, but not my bank account. So, I’ll continue to ponder, seeking the donnée with dollar signs attached; or even better, the marketing donnée that makes BFYP a commercial success.

The world is full of billionaires who had just one truly great donnée. I’ll keep trying ‘til my muse hits me over the head with mine. How about you? Good luck … and Rock On!
Word Challenge: DONNÉE. It might take two to Tango, but it only takes one inspirational donnée to make life worthwhile. Take a donnée-break and mull a few ideas as you fit it into your week of Rocking writings.

Write first for yourself … only then can you write for others. (L.Rochelle) 



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