Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Telesthesia – Wordplay Wednesday™ 10/04/17

Working Magic with Words 

October is of course, a month of a different color. While pumpkin prevails, and black rules, words of magic—and in my humble opinion, they’re all magical—appear and disappear in many colors of meaning and power.

This week’s Wordplay Wednesday finds us wishing for crystal balls and fortune tellers that give us unwavering faith in …

TELESTHESIA (tel’es thēʹzhɘ) n. – (Parapsychology) extrasensory perception of distant objects, events, etc. [telesthetic]  [WW #132]

We’ve often heard someone lament that we weren’t born with an instruction manual. At the very least, it would be nice to have the power of telesthesia to sense our expiration date—that which would tell us how much time we are allowed, as we make our way through this convoluted realm we call Life.

While telesthesia fits right in with the celebration of witches, warlocks, ghosts, Ouija boards and Halloween, today’s elders may recall the 1960s and ‘70s, which were rife with psychic visions and predictions.

As we lift the veil between life and death, we hear the musical warning of an oft-repeated phrase floating through consciousness … Live for Today. Was it an inspired time of telesthesia?

The era has been vilified as the “Me Generation” for believing “self” matters. *“(Let’s) Live for Today | And don't worry 'bout tomorrow,” personified the war-time attitude. Oh, sorry, not “war”—back then, Vietnam was only a military presence or “conflict.” (*1967, The Grass Roots sang of our desire for love, not war.)

By promoting the #LiveForToday attitude, perhaps we exercised our innate telesthesia of the future and its growing menaces, designed to ensure we don’t Live for Today.

This week, especially, we’ve been reminded that self—to include your loved ones—is not a bad reason to live … Every day counts. Every hour counts. Every minute counts. Because we just don’t know how many we have to work with … make them all count. You count.

Enjoy memories of yesterday. Cast a telesthetic eye on tomorrow. But … Live for Today.

All our slightly skewed and odd October words will relate to the fine line that fascinates, titillates, and may terrorize our consciousness—that which we call Life.

Word Challenge: TELESTHESIA. Do you believe in instinct? Intuition? ESP? Think about it as you fit telesthesia into your week of perceptive writings.

Write first for yourself … only then can you write for others. (L.Rochelle) 
aka The Wordy Witch of the West                      


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