Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Joie de vi vre – Wordplay Wednesday™ 12/13/17

Skating through the Holidays

Last week we perused the planning, organizing, and resolute demeanor of a telic person during Holiday festivities and into New Year’s goals.

This week, let’s cross the Pond to France, and explore the carefree folks who skate through it all, albeit at times, on thin ice

JOIE DE VI VRE (zhwåd veʹvr’; French) n. – (the) joy of living; high spirits; exuberance, etc. [WW #142]

Ah, the language of romance. Being a ne’er-do-well, or at the very least, one who skates through life with nary a New Year’s goal in sight, never sounded so good.

Taken to the extreme, with no structure whatsoever, joie de vi vre can be as disastrous as the ultimate planner hampered by blinders.

It’s becoming increasingly apparent (to those without blinders, and those with even a little focus) that an old adage proves true once again: “Everything in moderation.”

If moderation were applied to every aspect of life, from business to diet and exercise, it’s a fair guess success would follow, with tempered joie de vi vre. 

However, we are human after all. The retail industry created the modern Holidays, which often result in excessive joie de vi vre or opposing telic abstinence. Rarely the two shall meet.

Word Challenge: JOIE DE VI VRE. May your Holidays be bubbly and effervescent, without excess, as you fit joie de vi vre into your week of spirited writing.

Write first for yourself … only then can you write for others. (L.Rochelle) 



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