Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Vitric – Wordplay Wednesday™ 02/07/18

Eyes – Joyful, Wise, Tired, or Glassy – Windows to the Soul

With our eyes we express the weight of our souls … at least, as the saying goes. So much burden lies within such a small part of our bodies.

Do your eyes bounce around as you speak? Do they fill with emotion? What happens to your eyes when you’re tired or shocked? Do they glaze over …?

VITRIC (viʹtrik) adj. – of, having the nature of, or like glass. (Also, vitreous [viʹ’trē ɘs; glassy].) [WW #150]

While vitric is most often applied to surfaces—the countertop’s vitric mosaic tile was smooth and cool—it would also add an interesting concept to a story description:
“Charmayne’s vitric eyes revealed no emotion as she stared at the horrific scene in front of her.” Something to think about in the way words are used.

Whether you love it or abhor it, grammar-grappling in the annals of social media and technology is rampant. It’s now common to twist a perfectly good adjective or noun into a trendy verb which often confuses the context and the reader. Technology has spearheaded modern trends by taking away our “access” as a thing we have, and giving it back to us to access. Just one example from a truckload.

Using an adjective in its proper form, but applying its context in a unique visual, like “Charmayne’s vitric eyes,” enhances its definition, rather than warping it.

Staring at a horrific scene, it isn’t a stretch to think of Charmayne’s cool, smooth, glassy eyes as holding little to no emotion. Vitric provides an interesting alternative to “glassy.”

And just maybe, it will urge your reader to research a word they’ve not seen in that context before. Success! Your writing is enhancing a life.

As we all know, the eyes can express a multitude of adjectives beyond color. From vitric to love-bombs by Valentine’s day!

Word Challenge: VITRIC. Consider new ways to use common words, or unique twists to integrate the uncommon, as you fit vitric into your week of smooth writings.

Write first for yourself … only then can you write for others. (L.Rochelle) 



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