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Plenum – Wordplay Wednesday™ 03/27/2019

A Matter of Plenty …   

Being human, we may often feel life is lacking, so we seek ways to fill the void. Extreme sports, insane amounts of chocolate, and binge-watching a favorite show are admiral attempts.

However, perhaps we simply need be more pragmatic and look around our personal physical and mental space. Could be, our lives are already thriving with  …

PLENUM (plēʹnɘm, plenʹɘm) n. – 1) space filled with matter, as opposed to vacuum; 2) fullness; 3) a full or general assembly, as in all members of a legislative body; 4) an enclosed volume of gas under greater pressure than that surrounding the container. [WW #209]

Taken in different contexts, plenum could indicate so full, “about to blow”—if in a lab situation, perhaps cause for worry. Alternatively, a family plenum at your dinner table at least once a week creates positive, lifelong memories. Or the jar on your desk jammed with a plenum of M&Ms is a yummy, immediate satisfaction. Each “filled with matter” in a different way. 

Edward Grant in God and Reason in the Middle Ages (2001) said, "The key to understanding medieval interpretations of motion in hypothetically void space is to realize that medieval natural philosophers analyzed the same bodies in the void that they discussed in the plenum of their natural world."

Word Challenge: PLENUM. If you think your life is a void, look around and count your blessings. In life, “void” is relative … think plenum, as you fit this new word into your week of full writing.

FYI: A search of “plenum” finds a plethora of references to a plenum chamber of pressurized air, gas, or liquid. But it is much more versatile than that, as exhibited above and in Wiki’s definition page.

Learning knows no prejudices or boundaries, and it isn’t fattening! Expanding your mind is a no-cost, simple joy. Do you feel that way too? What’s your inspiration? Share your creative genius and Wordplay Wednesday comments below.

Write first for yourself … only then can you write for others. (L.Rochelle) 


[LinDee Rochelle is a writer and editor by trade, and an author by way of Rock & Roll. She has published two books (of three) in her Blast from Your Past series about pioneering R&R Radio DJs. The true behind-the-mic tales make GREAT Holiday Gifts available on Amazon (eBook and print): Book 1Rock & Roll Radio DJs: The First Five Years 1954-1959; and Book 2Rock & Roll Radio DJs: The Swinging Sixties. Coming soon … The Psychedelic Seventies!]


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