Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Nescience – Wordplay Wednesday™ 07/15/2020

Get a Leg Up on Wisdom   

Hesitate to act and an opportunity may be lost. Hesitate to learn and you may never have had the opportunity. Which is more important? Never hesitate to ask. Learn! Knowledge is your steppingstone to wisdom

NESCIENCE [ʹne-sh(ē-)ɘn(t)s; 1612] n. – lack of knowledge or awareness: ignorance (adj. – nescient). [WW #277]

It’s a fine, if at times non-existent, line between stupidity and nescience. The difference is the latter can be forgiven; all we can do is shake our heads over the former, and hope for enlightenment.

When writing, or during a conversation of explanation, consider the subject’s understanding of a circumstance. Do they comprehend and choose to ignore, or is their nescience due to a simple dearth of education?

You won’t find nescience in Word’s Synonyms unless you insert it, yet they know it’s a word, because its spelling is accepted. Are they unaware, or ignoring it? Sorry … couldn’t resist a chuckle on them.

This week’s word is not odd or obscure, it merely defines its own lack of use in common chats and dialogues. Chip away at your nescience. Enjoy your discovery

Word Challenge: NESCIENCE. Could become more popular in writing, as our youth struggle to learn in class-less classrooms during the pandemic panic. Consider how you might help, as you fit nescience into your week of educational writings and clever conversations.

Learning knows no prejudices or boundaries, and it isn’t fattening! Expanding your mind is a no-cost, simple joy. Do you feel that way too? What’s your inspiration? Share your creative genius and Wordplay Wednesday comments below.

Write first for yourself … only then can you write for others. (L.Rochelle) 

[LinDee Rochelle is a writer and editor by trade, and an author by way of Rock & Roll. She has published two books in her Blast from Your Past series (of three) about pioneering R&R Radio DJs. True behind-the-mic tales make GREAT Holiday and anytime Gifts available on Amazon (eBook and print): Book 1Rock & Roll Radio DJs: The First Five Years 1954-1959; and Book 2Rock & Roll Radio DJs: The Swinging Sixties. Coming soon … The Psychedelic Seventies!]

*LR Notes: 1) Dictionary definitions are quoted from Webster’s New World College Dictionary. Yes, we sometimes present them out of “official” context—but that’s half the fun! Think of it as “creative context.” 2) a] Recent dictionary additions to definitions include a date of first use, if known; b] words in small caps indicate “see also.” 3) Neither I (LinDee Rochelle) nor Penchant for Penning are responsible for how you use information found here, that may result in legal action.


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