Wednesday, March 3, 2021

DÉGRINGOLADE – Wordplay Wednesday™ March 3, 2021

Walking the Wild Side in Your Tamest Text 

Two light and bright days in March—Daylight Saving Time March 14th and Spring Equinox March 20th, mark the imminent end of Winter. We can’t help but look forward with at least a small ray of hope dancing on the sunbeams. “Hope ‘Springs’ Eternal” … quite the opposite of 2020’s …

DÉGRINGOLADE (,dā-,gran(ŋ)-gɘʹläd; 1873) – n. a rapid decline or deterioration (as in strength, position, or condition); downfall. [WW #303-M ~ Monthly Edition]

In layman’s pronunciation … dā grahn go lahd (I think). Point is, writers, you can use this interesting, sophisticated word in your text and let the reader figure it out! Let them walk on the wild side with you.

Last year’s up-and-down dégringolade in our physical and mental conditions, caused by Covid, was draining to say the least. Spring and hope feels good and attitude helps us cope with physical ailments. We’re not done with it, by any means, but hopefully no longer in the worst throes of it.

We can apply dégringolade to many scenarios, as referenced in its definition. Think stock market, price indexes, politicians, celeb status, or sadly, health. Even animals can be classified in its downslide.

With a nod to today’s (March 3rd) World Wildlife Day, “The sleek Jaguar (Panthera onca) experienced a general dégringolade, giving it a place on the endangered list since at least 1996.” (A true statement according to the folks at U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.)

Word Challenge: DÉGRINGOLADE. Don’t let your life or your attitude slide into dégringolade, as you fit it into your week of uplifting writings and casual conversations.

Wordplay Wednesday is now for your literary pleasure every first Wednesday of each month. Thank you for stopping by! Learning knows no prejudices or boundaries, and it isn’t fattening! Expanding your mind is a no-cost, simple joy. Do you feel that way too? What’s your inspiration? Share your creative genius and Wordplay Wednesday comments below.

Write first for yourself … only then can you write for others. (L.Rochelle) 

Cheers to learning a new word today!


[LinDee Rochelle is a writer and editor by trade, and an author by way of Rock & Roll. She has published two books in her Blast from Your Past series (of three) about pioneering R&R Radio DJs. True behind-the-mic tales make GREAT Holiday and anytime Gifts available on Amazon (eBook and print): Book 1Rock & Roll Radio DJs: The First Five Years 1954-1959; and Book 2Rock & Roll Radio DJs: The Swinging Sixties. Coming soon … The Psychedelic Seventies!]

LR Notes: 1) Dictionary definitions are quoted from Webster’s New World College Dictionary. Yes, we sometimes present them out of “official” context—but that’s half the fun! Think of it as “creative context.” 2) a] Recent dictionary additions to definitions include a date of first use, if known; b] words in small caps indicate “see also.” 3) Neither I (LinDee Rochelle) nor Penchant for Penning are responsible for how you use information found here, that may result in legal action.
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