Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wordplay Wednesday April 15, 2015 - Taxing Pirates

Pirates are in vogue for Wordplay Wednesday** 

Speaking of tax day … when faced with daily irritating life events, occasionally I eschew the R-rated expletive for a more family friendly but equally expressive, form of frustration – one which often garners a deriding chuckle for sounding like a swarthy pirate. 

Yes, I speak of the colorful, “aargh!”

Ha! You say. That isn’t even a word. Au contraire, my lovelies. Much to my wordsmithing surprise, it turned up in a Words With Friends game played by my author-buddy, John Harnish; but WWF had no definition for it (and neither did John, but it gave him a double-word score!). So …
With natural cattish curiosity, and since it’s a word that peppers my conversations, I decided to look it up in the dictionary, fully expecting to find it missing between Aargau (canton of N. Switzerland) and Aarhus (alt. sp. for seaport in E. Jutland, Denmark).

Surprise! Yep – it’s squeezed between two aristocratic countries in Webster’s. We can officially and correctly, talk like a pirate!*

AARGH: interj. (or online, argh) used to express disgust, nausea, or any other forceful negative reaction.

No doubt our word for the week will be uttered often, while you struggle to file your taxes before tonight’s deadline.

'Til next time ... have a "wordful" week!

*Imagine my pleased astonishment to find this spirited Jolly Roger flying on Webster’s site today – their article is certainly pirate-appropriate! Heehee … I mean … aargh!
**You may have noticed that the moniker for this fun wordy exchange has changed … that’s what I get for not checking available domains before running whole-hog through the Internet trough. Wordplay Wednesday™ has now been officially established. Enjoy!

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