Wednesday, April 29, 2015

WORDPLAY WEDNESDAY April 29, 2015 – Mistaken Identity

Welcome to … Wordplay Wednesday 

So many words … so little time! After last week’s Obi-Wan word, still thinking futuristic – if only we could zip around the ‘Net and beyond, at warp speed.

While this week’s word might take your mind to a future Jetsonesque dimension where transgalactic zipping is the norm, it actually belongs in a more native, traditional world. 

SULU: [Space buddy of Captain Kirk? Um, no.] – (Fijian, clothes) n. garment similar to a sarong worn by Melanesians, as in the Fiji Islands.

Speaking of Sulu and Captain Kirk conjures images of the upcoming “Star Duel.” You realize don’t you that both Star Trek and Star Wars are releasing movies soon? Have a preference? …
So – which one do you think will win the most Academy Awards? Oh … right … the Academy rarely bestows its golden boy on SF films, except for special effects. And that’s like – duh. A no-brainer. Sigh.

OK – let’s have our own Star Duel – which are you looking forward to most?
Star Wars, which should release later this year (December?) – or …
Star Trek, set to release July next year? Take the poll!
Lawrence in Sulu / Sarong by Robert Kennedy for Fiji Market

Sulu would look great in a SULU.

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