Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Wordplay Wednesday™ May 6, 2015 – with a Greek Twist

Do you take a ZARF with your coffee?

While it sounds like the bark of an overly excited dog, unless you hail from the Eastern Mediterranean you may not be clued in to the ZARF's true finger-saving definition.

ZARF: n. small metal holder, used in the Levant (Eastern Mediterranean region, i.e., Greece, Turkey) to hold a cup of hot coffee.

Steeped in ancient history, we’ve often seen ornate metal holders for coffee cups, in formal settings (for tea, as well); but it also applies to the cardboard cone that embraces Styrofoam cups at your local coffee shop.

Now you know what to call the once nameless “thingy” that saves your fingers from burning as you hurry to work with your favorite steaming beverage. So do you enjoy gourmet coffees? You'll LUV Briki Coffee House ...
Hey you-all in and around Norfolk, VA – looking for great coffee with a Greek twist? Blatant, unsolicited ad for my best friend :-) coming up …

Briki Coffee House is unique for its flavorful gourmet coffees, specialty Greek desserts, and now serving creative alcohol coffees. Varied breakfast and lunch sandwiches, and beer and wine, round out a wonderful Greek-American menu.

But what truly makes this charming shop exceptional (besides the coffee) is the owner’s Greek heritage* and warm, welcoming smiles of the staff – they know their ZARFS! (Tell them I said howdy.)

*Suggestion: grab a copy of an adventurous historical novel for your tablet, Giorgi’s Greek Tragedy,  by my author friend, Pauline Hager, and head over to Briki for a relaxing break!

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