Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Make Magic on Wordplay Wednesday™ May 13, 2015

LATE Wordplay Wednesday – sorry ya-all. It’s one of those days when the Universe had its own schedule for me. But I have an earthy word for you that those in geology will likely know …

Many things – and people – are plain or even rough, on the outside; but if you’re patient, and lucky, you just might find one that holds a real, dazzling treasure on the inside.

Such is the life of a VUG (or vugh, vugg): n. cavity or hollow in a rock or lode, often lined with crystals.

A stunted, homely word with a dazzling, magical meaning, wouldn’t you agree? Some of you may be thinking, wait a sec, this sounds like a geode. Ah, the subtleties of nuance.
My understanding is the beauty of geodes is found in a more globular shape than the overall vugs. Both however, can hold the sparkling splendor of crystals. Enjoy.


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