Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wordplay Wednesday April 22, 2015 – May the Force be With You

Do you play Words with Friends®? Or still rally ‘round the ol’ Scrabble® board on Saturday night? (It isn’t just for the 39 and Holding Club folks!) How about crossword puzzles?

However you hone your wordsmithing skills, betcha don’t know the definition of half the numerous three- to five-letter words you play that confound and frustrate your opponents. Can’t you just hear their “What the hell is that word?!” bursting through the Internet at you? Here's another ...
Yes, WWF has a convenient new look-up feature for the current word played, but do you use it? And often, they claim it’s a word, but don’t post a definition – it’s a “trust me” thing – or it isn’t in a standard dictionary. Did they make it up? What does it matter – you’re just out to beat your friend so you can say, “Ha ha! I won!”

For your more enlightened mood, have fun with another word for your Wordplay pleasure – use it in a conversation today to amaze and amuse your cronies – OBI: no Star Wars fans, not short for Obi-Wan Kenobi, though probably as ancient and respected – n. broad sash with bow in back, worn with a Japanese kimono.

So next time you play OBI, will you mutter to yourself, “May the force be with you”? 

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