Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Wordplay Wednesday™ September 9, 2015 – Stupid is

Stupid is as stupid does …

Forrest Gump (movie); image credit
For the next time you want to call someone stupid without them catching on (right away):

INJUDICIOUS (inʹjöö dishʹɘs) – adj. showing poor judgement; not discreet or wise. [You’re welcome.]

Not an oft-heard word in casual conversation, injudicious is elite enough to pass over many heads – like our government’s collective policy makers.

After dealing with the SSA this week, I graciously call them injudicious. Do you know that your SSA benefits account is inaccessible at the “2nd-level” verification stage, if EXPERIAN has incorrect information about you?! INJUDICIOUS. There must be a better way.

The whole world knows, credit reporting companies are notoriously erroneous and nearly impossible to correct. THIS is what our retirement benefits agency relies on for verification?!

“Among all of the companies generating CFPB complaints in North Carolina so far this year, credit bureaus are at the top of the list. Equifax is No. 1, followed by Experian.”* Charlotte Observer, 08/31/15.

Methinks the SSA misinterpreted this policy
No wonder we have so much identity theft – it’s eating us up like we're a box of chocolates. And our government not only allows it, they feed it!

Any suggestions as to how this policy can be changed? 


*In the Charlotte Observer quote, the bold on Experian and the link on CFPB are my additions.


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