Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Wordplay Wednesday™ October 7, 2015 – Ghostly fears

Six Weeks of Weird Halloween Words ~ Week #3

Boo! Did I scare you?

So, do you avoid the den at Uncle Henry’s because you feel the specter of Aunt Phoebe in the room? Do you quake at the thought of apparitions, and literally run through a “cold spot” in your home? You might have … 

Ghostbusters 1984
PHASMOPHOBIA (fas′mō-fō′bē-ă): n. exaggerated fear of ghosts. [Not in Webster’s dictionary, but that just means they can be a bit behind the times. It appears all over the ‘Net! And we know … if it’s on the ‘Net it must be real! LOL]

Spirits and ghosts have existed in another realm (or in your mind – whichever you believe) since the first human died and returned to finish harassing his or her nemesis. Do you believe …?

Accounts of ghosts and apparitions have occurred since the Bible (Saul seeing Samuel), and Ancient Greece (490 BC, battle site of Marathon).

Not all apparitions are as sweet and funny as Casper the Friendly Ghost, as hauntingly sexy as Patrick Swayze in Ghost, or as malicious as the spirit in 1988’s Lady in White.

Ghosts can appear as see-through humans, gargoyle-style ghouls, or simply sibilant cold spots.

Some people believe the ethereal specters are as real as you and me, often with heightened emotions that without a body to maintain, manifest their passions more acutely – and frighteningly.

Those with phasmophobia don’t care if the spirit is kind and benign – fear is fear – even for Casper. 

That is … if you believe.

Have ghosts gotten a bad rap? Are there truly more gentle ghosts and apparitions than there are frightening ones?

Interestingly, people are quite opinionated when it comes to believing in ghosts. Few are on the spiritual fence – either you believe, or you don’t. Either way, you can’t deny that a little adrenaline fear flow stimulates the senses. If it didn’t, ghostly films wouldn’t be a billion-dollar business.

Searching for frightful fun to find ghosts on Halloween? Dubbed America’s Most Haunted City, New Orleans boasts an abundance of spiritual advisors. Let them show you where the hottest cold spots are … 


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