Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wordplay Wednesday™ November 18, 2015 – Ennead 9

Number 9 … Number 9 … there’s a word for that …

ENNEAD (enʹē adʹ) – n. group or set of nine (books, gods, etc.).

Although the term is generally applied to groups of gods, our modern dictionary(ies) define ennead as any collection of nine – deities, things, persons, books, what-have-you. In mathematics it’s the sum of or the number nine.

Exploring Enneads in literary circles, you’ll also find reference to ancient philosopher, Plotinus’s writings, which were organized into fifty-four treatises in groups of nine, edited and compiled by his student, Porphyry (c. 270 AD).

In modern terms however, probably the most infamous ennead is The Beatles’ eerie loop intoning “Number 9” in the song, “Revolution 9” … do you know which album it appeared on?

The mysterious recording was featured on the Fab Four’s ninth and era-avant-garde self-titled album, The Beatles, released November 22, 1968. "Revolution 9" was their longest recording, at eight minutes and fifteen seconds.

Lennon reportedly dubbed the experimental song “The music of the future.” At the time however, rumors and shock swirled around the controversial song and album, with comments at the time, ranging from blasphemous to high praise for innovative creativity.

Of course, now we herald “Revolution 9” and the “White Album” (as it was popularly called) as defining compositions for Rock and Roll and The Beatles.

Enjoy a look at the vintage KFRC/San Francisco Big 610 radio survey from November 20, 1968. The special survey lists all 30 songs on the album. That’s three enneads + three!


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