Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wordplay Wednesday™ November 25, 2015 – MEINY gobblers

Thankfully Gobbling with your Gaggle!

How MEINY* ways can you say family? This time of year we often see our close and extended family members much more than in the previous ten months.

So, if you’re preparing to mix with them this Thanksgiving week, take a break from your over-committed, overwhelmed, unrested mind and let it flow to the right side, for a fun challenge: how many descriptive words for a gathering of your clan (hint) can you dredge up?
Let me help you count the ways:
1) clan
2) gaggle
3) madding crowd
4) cluster
5) *MEINY! See – it wasn’t a typo. Yep, it’s today’s offering for Thanksgiving week’s Wordplay Wednesday. :-)

MEINIE or MEINY (māʹnē) – n. 1) [obsolete] feudal retainers or attendants, collectively; retinue or household; 2) [Scots.] a crowd; throng; multitude.

Whether you enjoy a crowd, gaggle, or meiny – or giving thanks in solitude this week (which I have done often over the years, when away from the madding crowd of family, and yes, I cook a turkey with all the trimmings, and give thanks that I can!), consider all that you have / enjoy, and all who / what make your life richer. Ask yourself, “What more can Ido?” ...

With or without a feast featuring Tom Turkey, when you begin to count your blessings you will likely be amazed at the multitude of thanks that you can give and receive.

The day after Thanksgiving has always been a “free” day to enjoy the leftovers (turkey and family), and lounge around the fire, chatting.

Oh, no fireplace? No problem. Have you discovered the online streaming fireplaces yet? Of course you need to conjure your own heat, but this site helps you create the ambiance.

Rather than spendBlack Fridayspending your dollars, perhaps a day with someone who is on your list of thanks would soothe your soul, and prove a day well spent.

Best wishes for a week of blessings and a heart full of peace.



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