Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Wordplay Wednesday™ April 20, 2016 – LAITY not dumb

You are a layperson in something …

Try as we might, we humans are not perfect nor expert in every subject or profession. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we were?
We wouldn’t need to call the plumber, pay big bucks to the auto mechanic, or whine to our tech guy when the &*%$#! computer graces us with a blank screen.

Nope, we could do it all by ourselves if we were just that smart. However, we are not. Some geniuses get closer to perfection than most of us, but know-it-alls often can’t master a can opener.

That’s also how I feel when it comes to politics. Unless you’re firmly entrenched in its wretched depths, you are a used, abused, confused member of the laity … join the crowd.

LAITY (lāʹi tē) n.– 1) all the people not included among the clergy; laymen collectively; 2) all the people not belonging to a given profession. [WW #56]

Laity, once considered the “silent majority,were dealt with by those “in the know” as they would an ignorant child. Generally ignored and summarily dismissed with a wave of an arrogant hand.

This year, however, it is quite apparent that the silent majority is tired of standing in a corner, waiting for a few scraps of dignity to be thrown their way. The laity of American politics is silent no more. (But there is more ...)

I don’t know about you, but regarding the elections and especially the delegate system, I’m fast becoming tired of hearing the tired phrase, “that’s the way it’s always been.” Exactly! And for decades, it hasn’t been working!

If you do the same thing over and over, you’ll certainly achieve the same ol’ results. But our society, our country, has not remained as it was when our venerable Founding Fathers devised the convoluted election system. (Which, btw, didn’t always work as hoped, even in their day.)

Anyone who is expert in any field – medicine, science, auto repair, plumbing, or politics, et al – should do well to remember … laity is not defined as stupid. It simply means their expertise is not yours … and vice versa. 

The laity too, have knowledge in something, for which you do not – even if it’s only to be able to spit further. Which you will learn when it splats in your eye.

EVERY ONE … every member of a laity … deserves to be treated with respect.

Word of the Week: LAITY. Can you fit it into your next conversation?  


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