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Wordplay Wednesday™ April 27, 2016 – Garth

Music on my Mind!

It’s no secret, I’m a Rock & Roll fan. Not so much current Rock, more the “
Today's music ain't got the same soul ... I like that old time rock 'n' roll ...” type.

What is not so well known are my Country* roots. Yessir, I am born ‘n’ bred California Country. Ohhhh, now you get it – Cali folks aren’t real Country – our Rebel side is tempered with a li’l’ bit Rock ‘n’ Roll, right?

Though segregated music genres have all but disappeared, sometimes you just have to get back to the roots of the beat that most stirs your heart.

Whether listening to yesterday or today, our music is everywhere – office (with earphones), truck (well, I am still Country), boat (for coastal Cali folks), or relaxing in a secluded garth.
GARTH (gärth) n. (Archaic) – an enclosed yard or garden. [WW #57]

And coupled with “Brooks,” makes a great name for a Country singer who warbles mighty fine, with a twinge of Rock ‘n’ Roll!

Garth Brooks is an intriguing name for a captivating musical artist – now that you know the meaning of his first name,** can’t you just see him strumming guitar in your garden, aside a bonny brook? Let’s dream on

Albeit archaic, garth is a common Words With Friends mix of letters that caught my eye. How could I pass up the opportunity in Wordplay Wednesday to talk about music and words – together?!

Meaningful words are (usually) a must for a song’s rise to major popularity. Garth Brooks’ songs have mastered the lyrics/music combo to attract both banks of the Country/Rock stream. Words, however, have no musical preference … keep that in mind when you seek a career in wordsmithing.

If you aren’t writing what’s true to yourself – the root of who you are – no tune will make up for the lack of soul. Songwriters know it … so should you.

Country Rock is an excellent example of lyric versatility. The two original genres still have their separate sounds, but the mix was made for folks like me, and childhood friend, Mickey B.

Mickey, lead singer of a mostly Country band in early ‘90s L.A. area, reminded me of our roots one night, with his powerful rendition of Garth’s 6th #1 hit, “The Thunder Rolls.” Oh yes, and the lightning strikes ... while we’re cryin’, dyin’ and goin’ away.

Growing up Country in the pioneering days of Rock and Roll was especially exciting, and tasting city life was ironically intoxicating. Still swirling from a psychedelic haze, I made it through the Eighties Reggae and Heavy Metal, gyrating to Phoenix for a while (go figure) in the mid-1990s.

One of my first Rockin’ Country concerts at America West Theater, it was a contradiction of elements and words, as Garth enthralled in a scene with a dearth of garths. Though Phoenix wasn’t a permanent gig, it was fun to wear my boots and get back to my roots! (OK, enough with the rhyming …)

Word of the Week: GARTH. Can you fit him … um, it … into your next conversation? 


# # #

* With a little bit o’ Jack Benny – great clip with Donny & Marie Osmond!
** Actually his middle name – born, Troyal Garth Brooks

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