Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Wordplay Wednesday™ July 27, 2016 – Orlop

Cruisin’ with the Oldies Rock & Roll Radio Ambassador 

By late July we’re thinking about sitting neck-deep in anything with cool water … lake, stream, preferably ocean … but even the bathtub will do.

The open waters of the ocean call to me – I dream of cruising from port to port, spreading the joy of Old Time Rock & Roll to everyone I meet. A Boomer’s fantasy, for sure. My yacht awaits …

ORLOP (ôrʹläp) n. – the lowest deck of a ship with four or more decks. [WW #70]

I would settle for three decks … oh hell, when you have absolutely no dollars to pursue your dream, you may as well dream big – I’ll take four. Each with a bar and a jukebox! Yes, even the orlop. 

Dreams can come true. Perhaps not as you first envision, but a reasonable facsimile. As proof, after eight very long years, I am finally poised to publish (before Holidays) Book 2 in my Blast from Your Past series about pioneering Rock & Roll Radio Disc Jockeys. On its heels, a revitalized Book 1 (The First Five Years 1954-1959) will shimmy its way onto Amazon’s virtual bookshelf.

It’s rarely easy and often daunting, to doggedly chase a dream. If you don’t though, you’ll always wonder what would have happened if you had. Only one life – live it. Even if your dream is the orlop of your life, for a while.

While writing, thoughts of selling a million books or even enough to pay for my time, has never been a focus. I simply want to document some of the wild-‘n’-crazy true tales behind the microphones of our pioneering Rock & Roll Radio stations – before they disappear in the dissipating airwaves of time.

In that spirit of sharing, I want to ditch the staid “book tour” to promote my books, in favor of a more fun summer cruise, to host Rock & Roll Radio events around the country and chat with fellow seniors. Especially those who may miss ruminating with friends about the Golden Years of Rock & Roll.

As an Oldies Rock & Roll Radio Ambassador, I see myself sharing reminisces with those who hear a tune that evokes yesterday as if it were today.

I’m just a hunka-hunka-burnin’ love ♪… Your foot starts tapping … your body starts twisting and turning … and you smile, no matter where you are.

In every port and every city, we’ll celebrate – not my books – but the fact that we CAN celebrate our past and present, Rockin’ out to the Oldies. Many Classic Rock music artists still singing their hearts out on tours prove – we may be old, but we aren’t dead yet.

Summer of 2017 would be ideal to be-bop around the country – literally – from coast to coast. You’re invited to a Rockin’ beach party near you!

So tell me, Is it a worthwhile dream? Would you be interested in participating? Should I enlist the help of GoFundMe or other crowd-sourcing site? Let’s face it, that’s the only way my cruisin’ dream will come true. 

What are your thoughts? Check it out here. Or go directly to the voting page. While I wait to hear from you …

Word of the Week: ORLOP. Do you have a dream? Does it need a boost out of the orlop – while fitting it into your writings for the week?


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