Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Wordplay Wednesday™ August 03, 2016 – Ruth

A Name by Any Other Definition … 

Ah yes, here I am again, fighting the clock, trying to post Wordplay Wednesday ON Wednesday … I made it in California time! Sigh.
All day, and yet NO work accomplished, NO progress made on anything, except to learn a new word that runs the gamut of my emotions …

RUTH (rōōth) n. –  1) pity, compassion; 2) sorrow, grief, remorse. [WW #71]  

Certainly Ruth at times, is a ruth by any other rosy name. Today, my ruth proved to be a stem-full of grievous thorns!

A simple renewal of my Trend Micro computer security program that should have completed in less than an hour, usurped the meat of my day, sucking up nearly four hours of precious time.

My initial lame attempt at imitating a bumbling techie, commandeered nearly two hours of my time. That was just the beginning …

Apparently incarnations of the program prior to my May installation of Windows 10, buried themselves so deep into my computer that it took another hour-and-a-half with a more knowledgeable bloke to cut the vines away.

TM’s tech rep, young Patrick, obviously from The Jetson’s age, labored patiently in remote access control (while I fumed). The difference is he knew what he was doing (I hope) and STILL it took that long! 

Consequently, this is a short and not so sweet Wordplay Wednesday. I feel your ruth (pity) for me. 

Not to worry, when finally I was up and running again, I proceeded to drown my ruth (sorrow, grief and remorse) in a lengthy happy hour!

Word of the Week: RUTH. Show your heartfelt ruth to others, while fitting it into your writings for the week.


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