Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Wordplay Wednesday™ August 10, 2016 – Kinglet

Think Piglet’s Mind in a Hog’s Body 

Is there someone in your inner circle who fancies themselves “high and mighty”? A fun and placid way to take them down a notch (use with gentle discretion – no bullying please) …

KINGLET (kiŋʹlit) n. – 1) a petty, unimportant king; 2) any of several small Old World warblers (genus Regulus) with a bright-colored crown, as the golden-crowned kinglet. [WW #72]

Who would be such a person? Well, in ancient history, we have Rodulf, most often described as a rather ineffectual king of one or more tribes in ancient Scandza (today’s Norway). Seriously, even Wiki describes him as a “petty king” – not to mean a minor descendant of NASCAR legend, Richard Petty, known to racing as the King.

Then again, unlike Richard the King, there is some discrepancy as to ol’ Rodulf’s credence. Even Wiki suggests his historical significance could be suspect, and “he could be the background for certain aspects of later heroic poetry, possibly including the Norse saga character Hrólfr Kraki.”

Which may offer the hypothesis that he was not considered important enough for a positive historical I.D. – and that folks, is often a bitter pill to swallow, especially for those who like to think they’re superior – a scant few of us are more than kinglets in anything other than our own mind.

Word of the Week: KINGLET. Great description for a character in your novel. Go ahead, fit it into your writings for the week.


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