Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Wordplay Wednesday™ September 14, 2016 – Sennet | Sennight | Sennit

3-fer: E, I, E, I, Oh! 

It’s Hump Day, and if you don’t have enough confusion in your life … here … let me help!

Pretend this is an Elizabethan drama and I’m heralding the entrance of your Wordplay Wednesday three-fer!

SENNET (senʹit) – n. a trumpet call used as a signal for ceremonial entrances and exits in Elizabethan drama. [WW #77; 3-fer/1]

SENNIGHT (senʹit) – n. (Archaic) a week. [Think seven and night mash-up; WW #77; 3-fer/2]

SENNIT (senʹit) – n. 1) a flat braided material made by plaiting strands of rope yarn; 2) plaited straw, grass, etc. used for making hats. [WW #77; 3-fer/3]

The English language is full of this type of confusion – their identical pronunciations compound our chaos – like we don’t have enough already! 

Homonyms can be harmful to your Hump Day (and the rest of your week)!

Watch your spelling or you could try to ask someone for some plaited yarn (sennit) to weave a fun gift, and end up spending a week (sennight) with them! [Then again … you might sennet (trumpet) the thought!]

Word Challenge: SENNET | SENNIGHT | SENNIT. Hear the herald for you to weave these lovable words into your week of writings!


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