Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Wordplay Wednesday™ September 28, 2016 – Whiffet

Quick-Wit Whiff of Words 

Sometimes you just have to squeeze the necessities into a pint-sized pinch of time. This Wordplay Wednesday, I found the perfect word—or set of words—to squish into a maddening if-anything-could-go-wrong-it-did week. Take a whiff of this …

WHIFFET (hwif'it) n. – 1) a little whiff, or puff; 2) (Informal) an insignificant, esp. young, person. [WW #79]

If you try to follow logic that a whiffet is a little whiff, so puff must have a puffet offspring, you would be wrong. Is nothing logical* in this world?!

But—if you and your whiffet play Wiffle Ball** at the park, that makes him or her a whiffler. Now wasn’t that fun? 

If your whiffet is still in diapers, you’ll know when the whiffet needs a change—the pungent whiffet will wrinkle your nose. OK, I’m all whiffeted out … and out of whiffet time …

Word Challenge: WHIFFET. Speaking of time … is it past time to spend some time with your whiffet, whatever age the young whippersnapper may be? Have fun fitting whiffet into your week of writings!


*Are you a logical person in an illogical world? Easy tips to weather the erratic storm of dementia—or anyone who believes the unrealistic is real!
**Made in USA—yea!
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