Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Wordplay Wednesday™ November 16, 2016 – Irrupt

Fair Fights and Gracious Winners / Losers  

Is that a myth? Has society ever been that way?

Perhaps it’s only a small number of us who want to live in a somewhat civilized world. Apparently most everyone—especially those who have nothing to do all day, but carp and complain on Social Media and brawl in the streets—would prefer to fight dirty and fling mud.

Never has that been more evident than in this election year, when we have learned more about ourselves and those in power, than we ever truly wanted. Ignorance can indeed, be bliss.

Many dirty little secrets from decades ago actually prove only what we have always known but didn’t want to admit—even those in power are nothing more than human. And obviously, the average human is no pillar of virtue.

From our most revered presidents, certainly our once-admired sports figures, and let’s not forget our golden celebs and the whole entertainment industry, to local notables—in the past decade, we’ve been inundated with exposures of the most disreputable kind.

The problem is discerning the difference between disgraceful and criminal. Unfortunately, Social Media—that mob mentality body of know-it-alls—plays judge, jury, and hangman, whether its collective position is right or wrong, after the facts are revealed.

No one is safe from the “politically correct police” of Social Media. Our idols all have been found to hide warts and worse in their respective closets, viciously flung open for our seedy, voyeuristic inspection.

Frankly m’dears, I don’t give a tinker’s damn.

What I do care about is how any of it affects me—and contrary to media reports, there are millions of others who feel the same way—we just aren’t prone to wasting our precious time on Social Media vilifying people we don’t KNOW, or taking to the streets in violent distractions …

IRRUPT (i ruptʹ) vi. – 1) to burst suddenly or violently; 2 to increase abruptly in size of population. [WW #86]

Please don’t irrupt into indignation at my words—those who live in tolerance and demonstrate PEACEFULLY and constructively, often change the world. I speak my irritation for those who are paid to disrupt with their irruptions, and those who physically and mentally bully anyone who doesn’t see the world through their irruptive, black-eyed glasses.

Isn’t it strange that we staunchly defend our right to speak, yet individually and socially, we condemn those who speak counter to our beliefs, and worse, pass judgement on what is deemed “politically incorrect”?

Exactly who are the #PoliticallyCorrectPolice?

Please point them out to me so I can avoid incarceration for … well, I never know what might pop out of my mouth in the most innocent of phrasings—in MY mind—but some idiot goes irruptive and THINKS they know what I MEAN and POOF! I’m in a “politically incorrect jail.” Good grief.

Applied to the recent election, we knew there would be no “winner.” Both major candidates are vehemently loved and hated—given the base nature of humans, post-election unrest was inevitable. I just don’t see the point in it.

We have become a nation of disruptive and irruptive people who are adults with the temperament of children, without boundaries, tolerance, and acceptance. No wonder we are a world without Peace.

The glee of winning is fleeting—a true winner quickly and humbly moves forward. The distress of defeat need not be final—but its message deserves respect.

Word Challenge: IRRUPT. To Erupt in joy or pain is common. To irrupt is violent and explosive. Protect your blood pressure. If you must irrupt, do so in words and fit it into your week of purposeful writings.


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