Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wordplay Wednesday™ November 30, 2016 – Caseous

Cheesy, Chintzy, or Charming? 

I’ve got it! The perfect word for you to describe a really cheesyChristmas gift, without offending your favorite aunt … 
CASEOUS (kāʹsē ɘs) adj. – of or like cheese. [WW #88]

While this word mostly applies to food, cheesy as related to chintzy, often comes to mind when unwrapping Holiday presents.

But as the festive paper falls away, and you struggle to compose your facial features to thank her, think caseous. It sounds so much more elegant … “Why, dah-lng auntie, it’s so perfectly caseous!” 

She’ll never know it’s your next white elephant party contribution.
Although the caseous gift may go in your bin of New Year garage sale items, remember that it ISN’T the gift … it’s the thought that counts. Truly, there is no price on love and affection. Pour her a glass of wine, and give her a warm and fuzzy hug.

Word Challenge: CASEOUS. Cheesy to one person is a blessing to another. Keep your caseous thoughts in perspective as you fit it into your week of gracious Holiday writings.


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