Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Wordplay Wednesday™ December 14, 2016 – Vibist

Take a Holiday Moment to say, Ahhhhh 

This week’s Wordplay Wednesday word will soothe your frazzled Holiday nerves. It’s also our tribute to those who are dealing with the pain of snow. Don’t forget how magical it can be—I know, it’s easy to say, by those of us who don’t have to shovel it—or can’t persuade the dog to do it. 😎

But once done with your onerous snow-related chores, get cozy with hot chocolate or a yummy, rummy hot toddy.

Settle in with a view of the white stuff and revel in its splendor, while you listen to this charming “White Christmas” rendition to soothe your soul …

VIBIST (viʹbist) n. – a person who plays a vibraphone [or vibraharp].  [WW #90]

Is there a vibist in your midst? A cousin of the xylophone and marimba, the vibraphone—or you may know it as the popular “vibes”—resonates with a wide range of sounds, but their enchanting percussion notes hang in the air most comfortably, to soothe and scintillate.

No, this isn’t something I read—the xylophone was my instrument of choice in school. Though certainly not a polished vibist, I wasn’t half bad, at times even nimble, moving the mallets over the tuneful wooden bars, as opposed to the vibes’ aluminum bars.

So while you’re wrapping gifts or frantically rifling your closet for just the right Holiday outfit, listen to this special Holiday senses-soothing moment brought to you by Penchant for Penning

Delight in the vibist sounds of Mr. Arthur Lyman (1932-2002). The famed 1950s/’60s jazz and Hawaiian/Polynesian vibist extraordinaire, said more with his vibraphone than many artists can muster with a microphone.

From classical music to concert bands, jazz to Tiki lounge exotica, if you’ve never experienced a master vibist, add a CD to your Christmas stocking or iTunes Holiday wish list. Ahhhhhh, I feel better already.

Word Challenge: VIBIST. Relax and feel the mood, as you fit vibist into your week of warm and fuzzy Holiday writings.


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