Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Wordplay Wednesday™ December 28, 2016 – Chesterfield

Gettin’ Comfy and Looking Back 

Since nearly everything this week is a retro look at the year that was, let’s take a backward glance at life when it actually revolved around family—not just once a year, but year-round. Sit back and relax with us … remember when you said, let’s all go sit on the …

CHESTERFIELD (chesʹtɘr fēld’) n. – 1) a single-breasted topcoat, usually with a fly front and a velvet collar; 2) a kind of sofa, heavily stuffed and with upright ends (any sofa) [WW #92]

Growing up in rural California, life was lived on a chesterfield. Now, Wiki says it’s a “Canadian English term for a sofa.” But our little gold rush town was pure Old West and our family is Irish, so …

The Wiki definition for the chesterfield sofa also generalized and did not differentiate, as the dictionary meaning does. In my book, it’s the overstuffed, super comfy, made-for-TV-movies kind of sofa.

And for many of us, a topcoat was/is a topcoat. In 1960s middle-class America, only those studying fashion knew the difference between a pea coat and a chesterfield (tribute to the Earl of Chesterfield).

Not so common today, it fits the mood of looking back. Think I’ll grab my chesterfield and go sit on the chesterfield with a steamin’ hot toddy, and reminisce about the year that was. Cheers!

Word Challenge: CHESTERFIELD. Whether you’re slipping into a chesterfield, or onto one, get comfy and enjoy a look back at 2016, and wonder … how can you fit chesterfield into your golden New Year’s week of meaningful writings?

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