Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Wordplay Wednesday™ January 04, 2017 – Mew

Life is so big … don’t limit yourself.
Fly like a bird every chance you get … even if it’s only in your mind. 

Inspirational writings go hand-in-hand with 2017’s cheery baby New Year, as 2016’s battered Father Time hobbles into his role of the past year’s troubled memory. 

Most of us think of life and time as steps backward or forward. This year, I am adopting the Ladder Attitude. I’m taking a step UP for a lofty view to analyze what was … and with insight, looking UP with hope, stepping on the next rung, to spring into flight. It’s a good year to fly … 

MEW [dictionary entry #3] (myōō) n. – a gull; esp., the common gull (Larus canus) of Eurasia and NW North America. [WW #93]   

This word is oddly contrary to the soft whimper of a kitten we generally envision with it (dictionary entry #2), don’t you think? And mew as a place of confinement (dictionary entry #1) simply never comes to mind. However, its vision of Jonathan Livingston Seagull, it excites the mind.  

With the metaphor in place, 2017’s world society is, without doubt, more like a mew rising shakily into a loud storm of transformation. In a kaleidoscope of emotions, we’ll watch the mix of challenges and changes swirl around it, and can only hope for a smooth landing by 2018.
When it comes to your year, however, YOU are in control. With faith in yourself, guide 2017 gently but firmly into the New Year’s Golden Horizon, on the wings of your inner mew! 
A few practical tips for your bright New Year:
* Begin your flight with a plan or list, or better yet, a dream.
* Keep looking ahead to the next sunny horizon.
* Adjust your wingspan with the quarter (every three months), for optimum navigation.
* Don’t hesitate to change direction altogether; it isn’t failure, only intelligent course conversion.
* Know when to stop for a short rest, with time to play.
* Fly with a flock for frequent altitude refreshment.
* When you know it’s right, stay your course.
* Never say you can’t do it—you absolutely can. 

Word Challenge: MEW. Though a mew is a gull, thinking metaphorically in terms of your New Year, any bird of flight will do. Perhaps you’ll “… Fly Like an Eagle* as you fit mew into your week of flying high writings.  

'Til next time ... cheers to a wonderful "wordful" week
* This is a true Flower Power rendition of Steve Miller Band’s “Fly Like an Eagle” on the Midnight Special show, circa 1977. “Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’ | Into the future …” Enjoy!
# # # 

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