Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Wordplay Wednesday™ January 25, 2017 – Minatory

Good Day or Bad … Power Out. 

There is no doubt about it. Life is a daily challenge in the best of circumstances. If you love your life now, savor every second … nothing is forever.

When we’re going through tough times, though, it always feels like it’s forever. With a frown in place, our happiness is threatened …

MINATORY (minʹɘ tôrʹe) adj. – 1) menacing; threatening; 2) conveying or constituting a threat. [WW #96] 

This Wordplay Wednesday offering is an end-of-January inspirational message, for those who feel minatory forces are already at work to spoil their 2017 resolved goals.

You have the power … don’t let it happen. We can cite many platitudes and attitudes to work through minatory moments. The Internet is full of inspirations and quotes to buck you up or take you down.

But this quietly potent message is brought to you by an easy to miss utterance I picked up from the latest episode of the original NCIS (01/24/17). Courtesy of its writers, who always put such wise words in Gibbs’ mouth …

“When you’re going through hell … keep going.”  

Never give up. As soon as you do, “they” win. And you can’t let that happen.

Life is a cycle. Look ahead to your next bright dawn, knowing it will come. It may take a while and it may not be as golden as you envisioned, but it beats your current cycle, right?

One more cliché for the road: an astute high school instructor once said to me, “This too shall pass … will you?”
Happy Hump Day and cheers to your Wordplay Wednesday!

Word Challenge: MINATORY. Fight for your successes and guard your soul against the cruelties of life. May the Force be with you as you fit minatory into your week of powerful writings.


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