Monday, February 27, 2023

Bijouterie ~ WordWayzzz™ February 2023

Love is … a Collection of Moments  

Today is February 27, 2023 and I decided to post the very brief blurb I have for February, to concentrate most of my effort on producing the March WordWayzzz article (which may still be a day or two late), while playing catch-up to get back on track. Life is like that at times. 😊

Suffice it to say, February was/is, of course, all about LOVE, which leads me to …

bijouterie  (bi-'zhü-tǝ-(,)rē; 1735) n. – a collection of trinkets or ornaments : jewels; also : decoration. [WW #326]

Like music, objects can often spark a memory of happiness, gratefulness, and moments of love. Do you have a bijouterie of special memories in your keepsake box, holiday box, or jewelry box?

February is a great month to add to and lovingly review your bijouterie, whether you’re in love, spring cleaning, or pouring over the special moments of your life.

I am often chided by family and friends for being a “collector.” You know, the kind who says, “Oh, I might need this some day,” and you just keep filling up your closets and storage.

However, a question and word of advice for those who prefer a life “without clutter,” or even, sadly, without sentiment. As we age, dementia and Alzheimer’s are looming threats to our memories. Treatment might include reminiscing over old photos, greeting cards, or travel mementos. If you’ve recently decluttered or lived a life without even a small bijouterie, scaled down to only intangible digital images, what will you have to work that magic?

Monthly Song of Note  
Lively, sexy and hopeful, “Love is What You Make It”by the Grass Roots grabbed the bottom rung of KXFM/San Bernadino, California’s, Radio 59 Playlist at #30––and to save space, the station ran the band’s name together … Grassroots …
With swinging Pop hits through the mid-Seventies, they regrouped in 1982 and toured through 2010, when I managed a Rob Grill autograph at the San Diego County Fair—adding to my own Rock and Roll bijouterie—just a year before he died …   And if you make it with me | We'll make it all right 50 Years Ago this Month  

Word Challenge: bijouterie. Great word to associate with a fictional character or discuss happy, loving moments with your family and friends, as you fit bijouterie into your month of thoughtful writings and casual conversations.

Write first for yourself … only then can you write for others. (L.Rochelle) 

Cheers to learning a new word today!


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