Sunday, March 5, 2023

Virescent ~ WordWayzzz™ March 2023

Getting Your Shamrocks in a Bunch  

Ahhhh, the beginning of Spring (we hope) calls for a special word of transformation. Breathe deep and observe the changes …

VIRESCENT (vǝ-re-sᵊnt; 1826) adj. – 1) beginning to become green : greenish; 2) developing or displaying virescence. [WW #327] 

A perfect word for horticulture writers, right? Unfortunately, it often refers to abnormally green plants with a hormonal imbalance. While that may be technically (and boorishly) so, in the strict definition of the word, it can also be used in a more lyrical or literary definition … virescent strips cover the winter white and boorish brown, turning to fresh, frolicking green.

The virescent condition may also be caused by environmental influences, so there is more to this word than meets the green eye.

Even those of you not enamored with all things floral, may have need for virescent in your fiction writings, to describe the frolicking of the characters often observed around the middle of March, turning a tad green around the gills, at neighborhood taverns.

Oh, don’t get your shamrocks in a bunch—unless, you’re going to pair them with a bottle of Guinness for a gift! I am not vilifying the Irish—my heritage is Irish and yes, I loves me green beer on St. Patrick’s Day … or pretty much any day. And I still imbibe more than my fair share, but my virescent days are long behind me. 😊

Monthly Song of Note  

Well, ya can’t get much greener than a crocodile, and this month, we celebrate Piano Day (March 29th) noting Elton John’s jaunty “Crocodile Rock”! Elton bopped it up to the top of the charts last month, and it’s still barely hanging onto KSTN/Stockton, California’s March 9th Top 40 chart at #32.
       The toe-tapper is Elton’s homage to 1950s early Rock, and I just have to give it its due before it slips into the swamp … Well, Crocodile Rocking is something shocking when your feet just can't keep still ... 50 Years Ago this Month   

Word Challenge: VIRESCENT. There are infinite ways to use this word in your writings, from chats about gardening to your St. Patrick’s Day partiers, as you fit virescent into your month of shamrocks and casual conversations.

Write first for yourself … only then can you write for others. Sláinte! (L.Rochelle)   

Cheers to learning a new word today!


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